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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rich, May 22, 2017.

  1. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Herp Center is fairly expensive to run as a hobby site. I dump thousands of dollars into this website each year and now am in a position where I will be adding advertising locations to help offset the cost. Several people have contacted me over the past several months asking about advertising and I believe that I need to try and get this rolling before the point comes that I can't afford it anymore.

    The advertising costs will be extremely inexpensive for the amount of traffic the site sees. The ultimate goal is to try and cover the costs of the site.

    I am thinking that I will implement a banner sponsorship program that will allow private and commercial businesses the ability to sponsor a forum while providing them with a sidebar ad location measuring 240 x 240 pixels. Those sponsored forums will also have their banner displayed within the threads found within the forum they are sponsoring.

    There will be additional banner locations and each will be priced accordingly.

    As always, those who are listed as site supporters will not see advertisements as one of the perks for supporting the website. This portion of HC's code is in the process of being rewritten as well. Member subscriptions can be found here: Member Upgrades - Member Subscription Benefits

    I am open to ideas and suggestions for ways to help offset the cost, so please chime in if you have ideas. I truly want to keep this website running but it costs me nearly $250 a month between the hosting, licensing fees, etc. that allow this site to run the way it does. To save money and because I don't trust other people messing with my code, lol, I do all of the websites coding, writing, etc. during my free time. This costs me time from working on things and projects where I could be making money but I have a real desire to see the website at its full potential.


    For that that haven't figured it out yet, I also own Care Sheets. Herp Center and Care Sheets are partner sites that share site resources. Both sites are in need of care sheets written by those with vast experience with specific species. We are also in need of high quality images for use within the care sheets. We always attribute the authors and image providers in the attribution section. Care Sheets is in need of THOUSANDS of bits of information as it isn't a website catered specifically to reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Those interested in helping out with either site via image or informational donations should shoot me an email. You can reach me at webmaster@ with either or as the second portion.

    Care Sheets is open to the public and has an attached forum. If you are interested, feel free to create an account on the site. Like HC, it is free to join and can be accomplished using the same methods.

    Join Care Sheets
  2. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    Hey that's awesome glad to hear you guys have the ability to cut down on some of you costs. This website has helped so many reptiles and amphibians I hope it continues to rein supreme over all the other herp sites.

    Also may want to think adding additional donation pages or quick links for it too, to help out with additional expenses.

    If it's possible to make them non-interactive or moving ads because those one can cause network issues or just slowing on switching pages.

    But I think this will be great you and the site itself, so congrats!
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  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have added sponsorship locations within the Reptile Articles Section of Herp Center. There are 5 independent sponsorship locations available. The sponsorships can be purchased in 10 day increments at $3 per 10 days ($9 per month - unlimited impressions). Once a sponsorship location has been paid for, it removes itself from the available list of sponsorship locations and will begin being displayed within every care article we have presently and those added in the future.

    The banner size is 240x50 pixels and should be in either .jpeg, .gif, or .png format. Anyone can purchase a sponsorship and have a banner displayed. Everyone who purchases a sponsorship is bound by the terms and conditions. (Keep it clean and appropriate.)

    Article Sponsorships can be viewed and purchased here:

    Article Advertising Marketplace | Reptile Forums - Information

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