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Adult Female Ball Python Up for Adoption

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by rockhead27, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. rockhead27

    rockhead27 New Member

    I am putting my 8 year old female (at least I was told it was a female) up for adoption. One of my friends bought her 8 years ago and was irresponsible and unable to properly care for her so he gave her to me after a few weeks. I have had her ever since. I don't know much about the coloration or pattern of the snake other than she is a Ball Python. I have a glass terrarium I keep her in with aspen snake bedding and a little log she hides in, I have taken pictures of the habitat. I feed her about every 7-10 days, she eats live hopper mice. She is about 36 inches long. I use an infrared lamp. Soon I am going to be unable to take her where I am going. I would like to give her to someone who knows how to care for snakes. I am located in Coventry, Rhode Island so you would have to be relatively nearby to come and get her.


    tank 2.jpg


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