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Active UV heat lamp any good?

Discussion in 'Product Questions' started by replover, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. replover

    replover Elite Member

  2. Nile55

    Nile55 Member

    i tried one like it, it worked good i thought.
  3. replover

    replover Elite Member

    Any UV output data?
  4. rj02williams

    rj02williams Member

    Mines going, i have a nice, expensive UV/heat lamp and it sucks. My beardie dragon is doing the worm dance because the UV output is....well, garbage. I would recommend a cheap ceramic heat lamp, and just put out for a good side to side UV lamp.

  5. bobmac

    bobmac Member

    The original question was "is the Active UV lamp kit any good? That would depend on if its the new design or not. Two years ago I finally got Westron Lighting to manufacture the bulb that I spent several years developing.

    The link sited in the original thread brought you to the 60wt Active UV Externally Ballasted Kit. In its original form it produced as much UVB after a years use as a 5.0 florescent tube did at start, about 15-25 florescent of UVB but it started out at about 100uW/cm2, much more then a tube light. So the answer to that question would be, Yes, it does produce good UVB.

    The main problem with the original EB kit is that the light quality was exceptionally poor and needed additional light and because it is only 60watts, needs additional heat as well. The New Active UV EB kit uses my design bulbs and is basically the same as my MegaRay EB kit. The light quality is much better then the original but still not as good as a self ballasted MV bulb. This is because the SB bulbs are hybrids using a filament to ignite the arc tube. They have the addition of the light spectrum produced by the filament as well as additional heat due to the added wattage and at least some IR spectrum. Still the light quality is not a "full spectrum".

    The new design Active UV produces as much UVB/A as my MegaRay which is excellent. At the end of a years use it will give you more UV then 10 tubes do at start. Bearded dragons love and need good UV.

    But more then just UVB, they need high quality light, or great LUX. The comment about using a ceramic heat emitter and a tube light leaves much to be desired for your BD. The tube light only emits about 600 LUX at 12". this is the same as sunset. Even the EB Kit that I recommend additional lighting for produces 11,000 LUX on its own. This sounds like a big number but consider 120,000 LUX at noon and 80,000 at 10AM in the bearded dragons natural habitat.

    If you want to use tube lighting for your sun lover, I would strongly segest using a halogen flood light to add the needed heat and increase the light intensity. Halogens have a smooth bell curve and have high concentration of inferred making it a very efficient light/heat source.

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