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Acclimation Not Going Well..

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by Odin, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Odin

    Odin New Member


    Today is Odin's (HTM1153) fifth day with me and I have a few questions as he is not settling in well.
    I received Odin with poop in his container and I'm worried because I have not seen another poop since (although he has not eaten either).

    I will first admit and say I got really excited when he first came and tried to tong feed him a cricket and then a waxworm on his first night. He went frozen solid and unfortunately ended up tail waging me, and two snaps at me to bite, when I had to lift his hide to retrieve the uneaten cricket.

    I held off crickets and used a bowel of mealworms instead, but he has ignored them.
    --His behavior got worse as he now runs any time I approach the tank and constantly hide. this morning I went to retrieve an uneaten glass bowl of crickets ( I removed the back legs so they couldn't get out), didn't see him and was bit again before he ran off.

    I didn't want that to be the last experience he had with me before I left for the day, so I end up lifting his hide to allow (force)him to walk across my hand in order to hide in his other cave.
    1)I want him to know I am safe, but how can I do that If he never stays out when I am in the room or bites when I try to present my hand?

    2) did you feed him super worms? Are my mealworms too small?

    3) Do I just drop the crickets in his tank before sleep and take out the uneaten ones in the morning or drop them in and if he does not eat take them in 20 mins out before I sleep?

    4) Should I set taming times and remove all the hides to force him out to see and explore my unmoving hand to know I am safe?

    5) Was I thinking of holding off on his food and getting small hornworm and leave one in a glass bowl two days from now? Maybe holding off on the smell of food in his tank and then seeing a huge one later will excite him into eating?

    I'm so lost and surprised at his aggression as my last gecko was so nice it only took him two days to acclimate.

    All advice is welcome!
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ok first. When you get a new animal you should leave it alone in the enclosure for at least a week to settle in. The constant messing around is stressing it out. Give it some time to relax.
    Also give us the details on how you are housing it. Maybe something needs tweaking.

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