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A Reminder of What We Keep As Pets

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by Aalamil, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Aalamil

    Aalamil Elite Member

    The Keeping of Large Pythons

    old article but I can't help but feel a need to repost this. The part about people not realizing how big their pet will get is soo true and the part about never forget it's a wild animal. Just a reminder for those who have gotten complacent.

    About 10 years ago I owned 2 ball pythons both about 6feet in length and FAT. They were freaks when it came to size. Amazingly docile snakes who had never struck. One night I was woke up by my mother screaming and ran to her bedroom to see my father turning blue as one of the snakes had escaped and was around his neck strangling him. It took my mother, my friend and I to get this snake off my father. Point being I've had personal experience with this type of behavior. All in all just wanted to say never forget you have a wild animal as a pet.
  2. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Or this could be a lesson in the importance of making cages that lock??

    Not to say that everyone still shouldn't be fully aware of what size their animals can get too; it's just a point I like to make. Large or small, deadly or not, I don't want to wake up to any of my animals chilling in the house because of the dangers to them and me.
  3. Aalamil

    Aalamil Elite Member

    I agree, I was young when my incident occurred and thought that two cement blocks on the lip was sufficient, I was wrong. I couldn't believe that this snake was cageless and had free roam of the house, that's ridiculous!
  4. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    This is a very good article. I actually re-read this about three days ago. I agree complacency is rampant in the reptile keeping hobby. This is something I warn explicitly about when I give lectures to classes about my snakes. I love my large male burm- but I don't handle him alone and he stays in an enclosure that has 4(four) padlocks on the doors, as much to keep him in as to keep my two-year old son out,LOL.
  5. Piano Man

    Piano Man Elite Member

    I once had a ball python that somehow lifted the sliding glass doors, with a lock on them, off of the cage and escaped into the house, ironically his name was Houdini.:D So making escape proof cages is very important, and as Aalamil stated in his experience, the snake does not have to be very large to do the irreversible.
  6. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Thank you for the important reminder! :)
  7. agama3000

    agama3000 Elite Member

    Well that is the reason I can't get large pets,because I have a cat and a baby in the house.
  8. Piano Man

    Piano Man Elite Member

    I have a chihuahua, a rat, and smaller siblings; I believe this is why this thread is here, so that those who keep these animals can remember the precations that they need to take, to prevent the harm that these animals can cause.
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    All of my snake cages have locks of some type. My boas (BRB's and BC's) have locks which require keys. The BP's and Milk have latches which could be padlocked, but instead have metal pins through them. Even if you don't have children or small pets, you never know when you might have guests. The locks are just as important for keeping in the animals as keeping out those who don't know any better (and these can be adults too.)
  10. Anthony14

    Anthony14 Elite Member

    This article is such a reminder of the power of snakes and how much of a hazard it is to have misinformed owners have large snakes. From reading this I suspect the victim had his hands freed, was their no way he could have picked up an object and kill the snake by hitting it over the head or stabbing it? I know snakes are powerful but this Burmese wasn't even terribly big. Just 24kg....and it killed a 15 year old, I just turned 16 I would never understand how a snake of that size could get me, but on the other hand I am 6'4" and 190lbs, he was obviously small for his age. It's tragic to hear this again, I remember when this first happened and it was all over the media.
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If a powerful constrictor wraps your neck you can be rendered unconcious in seconds. It is a technique long known to law enforcement and others trained in martial arts. Its called a "sleeper hold".
  12. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Anthony14- I am 43 years old, I am 5'10 inches tall and weigh 295 lbs, and all you have to do is look at the large burmese python in my albums. He is 12 ft long and weighs about 70 lbs and he is very difficult for one person to control- I always make sure I have an extra person with me. This is a case where size does not matter. If a large constictor gets the jump on you (especially when you are lying in bed or asleep, and you barely out weigh the snake) you will come out second best-PERIOD.
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