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A Little Obsessive!

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by RaeRae, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. RaeRae

    RaeRae Member

    Hi so this is a pic of my new queen, Khaleesi. Just got her last week and since i got her i have fallen in love all things herp. We are still gatting use to each other and since she is the first snake i have so much as handled it is taking some work. Though she is my first reptilian pet i now can't stop thinking about what else i could get and making plans for the next closest reptile expo. Is this how everyone is when they get and totally fall for their first python? Is it to soon to see stars in regards to breeding her? lol. She is a normal het. albino and i would love to have a albino boyfriend for her eventually so they can make some lil hatchlings. What are the first steps if this is the route i decide to go? I'm thinking of building a rack system before i go any further with this. Though my friend says possibly has some albinos hatching soon.

  2. Agentx

    Agentx Active Member

    I got really into herps once I got my BP. I was looking all over for tips on breeding, best ways to house them, thinking over how to reorganize my room to make room for more. I settled myself down though.

    Breeding will require some research before you want to jump into it. For starters you need to be sure both snakes are of proper breeding weight before even trying it. Based on the pics it looks like Khalessi is a bit small for breeding. If you do a bit of digging around online you will find all kinds of info on how to prepare and breed BPs.

    I've heard good things about rack systems. They're very versatile, especially if you are looking for a large number of snakes. There are a few websites out there that do racks although you can easily build one yourself. Most websites sell the tubs individually making a custom rack easier to fit into whatever space you have available for it.

    My personal recommendation would be to let the initial rush settle before making any expensive life long purchases. Having Khalessi for a week may not be a long enough snapshot on snake owning to decide "I want a ton of em". Once you two get into a routine and everything is going normal then I'd consider where you want to go from there.
  3. RaeRae

    RaeRae Member

    Thank you agentx. that is good advice on waiting for the dust to settle. As i really don't have the space to house many more at this time. Perhaps i will revisit at another time. Though i do still think one more would be nice. I would just love to have an albino. I find them so absolutely gorgeous. I think i shall stick with my girl for now though i am still checkin the market for a male albino but bein a lil more laid back about it.
    also in terms of the rack i may take on this project slowly since i just love projects like that. i already refurbish furniture so i have had my eyes on an antique dresser on mine that would be fun to convert

    oh and yes she is still def too small. i was thinkin in acouple yrs perhaps when she comes of size but i don't plan to run out and get any adults to do it now

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