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A Few Pics of My Tarantulas

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by BrianS, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. BrianS

    BrianS Elite Member

    All of the ones mentioned would be good beginner tarantulas. As far as books, There are 2 that I would recommend. The Tarantula Keeper's Guide (known as the bible to tarantula people) and Tarantulas and Other Arachnids: A Pet Owner's Manual which is one of the Baron's series of books.
    I hope to covert all of you to the tarantula and scorpion cause lol :D
  2. Demonic_Rage

    Demonic_Rage Elite Member

    Well it worked now that I know what books to pick up I will definatly be getting a couple. People already say my house is a zoo wait til they hear this. I was thinking about getting one from Swift Inveratbrets have you delt with these people before?? If not heres the link I want spiderlings to start with. Is this a good choice or a bad one. What would you recommend???
  3. BrianS

    BrianS Elite Member

    Here are some spiderling pics from my archives

    Ceratogyrus marshalli (Straight Horned Baboon)

    Greenbottle Blue

    Poecilatheria regalis (Indian Ornamental) It was itty bitty in this pic lol :D
  4. BrianS

    BrianS Elite Member

    I have ordered several times from Swift's and yes he is good. You will always get a freebie with him. I think spiderlings are just fine to start out with.
    Oh, about 1/2 of the ones in the pictures came from Swift's ;)
  5. CodyW

    CodyW Elite Member

    Brian, a little off topic, but do you ever have any mold happen in any of your substrates, especially peat?
  6. BrianS

    BrianS Elite Member

    I used to but I was keeping it too damp. I keep all my adults on bone dry peat now. I do keep small spiderlings a little more moist but I also provide enuff ventilation so that it will dry out between mistings. I also use a water dropper for spiderlings and will put 2-3 drops on their web especially after a molt because they will be dehydrated.. Adults only need a wide and shallow water dish IMO.
  7. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    OK, WHO TOLD HER!!! :mad:
  8. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    Looks like you got caught Dom!!!
  9. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    Naw, I'll hide it on the vaccuum cleaner. She'll never find it there. :D
  10. eper-ani

    eper-ani Elite Member

    All those t's you listed are very nice and can well be beginner t's. the avic. metallica are one of my favorite pinktoe species and the sling i have just molted.
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