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A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by doubleh, May 20, 2010.

  1. doubleh

    doubleh Member

    This is me when I am slightly irritated

    and when I am feeling well

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  2. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Hello from a fellow member of the undead! I think you have something in your teeth....
    Isn't photoshop fun?

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  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Those are awesome. Glad to put a face with a name!
  4. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    First picture reminds me of my wife when she is angry. LOL

    Welcome to Herp Center!
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Nice picture, remind me not to get you irritated. Thats why we have mothers.:)
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    nice! Photoshop would be fun, but our computer is so old and slow, one more program would probably be the death of it.
  7. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I have like 40 pictures I photo shopped upon request for friends, I made one of me as a zombie and the trend quickly took off on facebook lol. But those look a little more advanced than mine haha.



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