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A Couple Questions About A Beardie and a Kenyan Sand Boa

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by Voltage, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Voltage

    Voltage Member

    I have had a 40 gallon breeder that contains one adult bearded dragon (not sure if male or female) for about 3 years, so here are the specs:
    Substrate: 3inches of sand (no compaction issues)
    Lights: one calcium light, two mild heat lamps (50 ish watts each)
    Heater: under tank heater
    Average temp: mainly around 85 to 90, around 76 at night
    Humidity: around 10% to 40%, varies on the time of year
    Water bowl and food bowl
    & various drift wood pieces for my beardie to climb on.
    George, my beardie, mainly stays on top of a tall piece of drift wood basking in the sun but always crawls down as soon as I refresh his water bowl or give him some veggies to eat.
    But my main question was if there was some possibility of my beardie getting along with a Kenyan sand boa, although they wouldn't meet much I am a bit nervousness of what would happen
    Thanks! Looking forward to your responses and opinions.
  2. CRRL

    CRRL Elite Member

    I would never mix species.
  3. Voltage

    Voltage Member

    Thanks, I knew there was just too much that could go wrong.

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