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2 Different Heating Readings

Discussion in 'Heating' started by TJOHNSON722, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Ok, so I'm having an issue. I've been trying to get this cage built for a gtp. I'm having a big issue. Tank set up: I have 2 perches. The top one, near the light is where the probes are. I have tried under tank heater on back outside of the rubbermaid tote. I have 3" heat tape on outside back also. I have the 11" heat tape on bottom. I have not plugged all in at the same time. I'm trying one for 6 hours then another one, then another one. I've noticed a difference in readings. I have 2 digital thermometers with probes. I also have a temp gun. I'm getting 2 very different readings. The two digital thermometers are saying the temps are 75 ish humidity ranging feom 49 to 51%. The two are reading within 2 degrees from each other. The temp gun is saying the temps are 88 to 91. At the same spot. The thermostat probe was moved also to the same spot. It is saying the same thing, 75 ish.

    The 3 heating sources I've tried over the last 2 days do not seem to be doing anything as far as raising temperatures. At all. I tried 3" and 11" flexwatt and a small exo terra under tank heater. They all read over 95 degrees when I test them with the temp gun. However, I'm thinking that could be inaccurate even though I just got it yesterday.

    Am I making a rookie mistake? I am pretty sure that out of 3 of those the temps should have raised somewhat. All 3 failing together? Its unheard of. The only time the heat was raised is when I had an incandescent 60 watt bulb in instead of an led light.
  2. norwegn113

    norwegn113 Well-Known Member

    You are using two different measurkng devices. The digital thermometers measure air temps while the temp gun measures surface temps. Each is very different from each other. As you noticed it is possible to have surface temps in the high 80 to mid nineties and only have air temps in the seventies. Flex watt tape and uth work much like rhp because they heat objects not the air. If you are going to test temps the only true accurate way is to test a cage that has been completely set up ( substrate, water bowls, basking rocks, hides, etc. ) each of those objects will abslrb heat and radiate it back into the air. Flex watt heats objects ...objects heat air. No objects no heated air. The next big problem is that flexwatt that is heated to 95ish degrees could take days to raise and stablize air temps. It is a slow process but once acclimated it does stay VERY consistent. I learned all of this the hard way by many many personal tests. Hope this helped to answer a few questions. You may even want to consider a rhp for a gtp.
  3. norwegn113

    norwegn113 Well-Known Member

    After seeing the pics of your cage I realize a rhp will not work ( I thought you were talking about a much bigger space. ) an 11" piece of flexwatt should heat that size cage. Just give it a bit more time and I think you will be alright.
  4. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Thank you. I do have a question. We have it mounted on the side. Should we put the probe next to it or leave it for where the perch is? Since the baby will not be on the flexwatt I'm not really sure where to put it.
  5. norwegn113

    norwegn113 Well-Known Member

    I would mount the probe where you believe the animal will spend most of its time. In this case near the branch or perch. When you mount the probe do not mount the probe itself to any object or the wall. What will happen is you will take the temperature of that object and you will not be getting true air temps. Instead , mount the probe by the wire about an inch behind the actual probe leaving the probe to dangle in mid air. Then you will get a true temp reading. What I did was take a 1inch long piece of small tubing split it length wise insert the wire into it then mounted the tubing to the wall. This way there is no chance for the animal to get tangled in it. Next, mounting the flexwatt to the back wall will probably not give you good results. The problem is that it will not come in direct contact with any objects and theair temps will cool the back wall before the temps are raised. Rhp work on the back walls because they get mounted inside the cage and surface temps can reach as high as 200 degrees in some cases. Flexwatt is usually set to max out around 130 degrees and gets mounted outside the enclosure. For your setup I would mount an 11 inch piece of flexwatt under the enclosure and set the thermostat to about 98degrees. This way it can heat the substrate and hopefully generate enough rising temps to get where you need. Its worth a try.

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