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1st Shed! Full and Clean!

Discussion in 'Ratsnakes' started by LexiTheSnake, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. LexiTheSnake

    LexiTheSnake Member

    So my fiance went in the room today to check on the snakes. He went to Turbine's enclosure first. came out of the room, and told me something was wrong with her. i followed him in and he scared the bejuses out of me! he shoved the sheded skin in my face. ha jokes on me for being a worry wart.

    anyway i am soo happy! hopefully now she'll eat. it was pretty much a really clean shed. all in one piece, except for a little on the tail, but that came off on its own. i haven't held a snakes shed in so long.. like a year and a half, i almost forgot how cool it was!

    now its waiting time for turbo, hes in blue. eyes all cloudy. i cant wait for him to shed either. had him for two months and little guy still hasnt shed. ahh so excited.

    well tata for now!

    *1 black rat snake*1 leucistic texas rat snake*2 yorkies*2 pitbulls*1 jack russel-shizu mix*1 pitbull-german shepherd mix*1 gulfin cockatoo*1 sun conour*1 green parrot*3 cats*1 fiance*1 human baby on the way

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