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115 Gallon Enclosure Ideas

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by Specterstruck, May 7, 2016.

  1. Specterstruck

    Specterstruck New Member

    Okay so I wanted to get insight from people that have possibly done big enclosures before I did trial and error while hating myself. Right now I have a well established and self sustained 35 gallon terrarium with 5/6 land at 9 inches height. I was going to start planting the water for the betta, crab and shrimp but I just came up on a 115 gallon aquarium for free. Right now I have 4 firebellies along with the aquatic creatures. I've looked up and down about mixing species and how it's either a no no, difficult or requiring a lot of luck and a damn near perfect ecosystem. Since the tank is 115 gallons and will be set up similar to my current 35 gallon (pretty much the same on a larger scale) is there anythibg mix able with the 4 frogs I have. It's cool if it isn't I was just wondering if the larger area would make a difference. The 115 is a
    60"B x 27"H x 15"W.

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