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Help Center

Herp Centers Help Center is the place to go for questions related to the use of Herp Center and its features. The Help Center helps to explain commonly asked questions, displays our Site Rules, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, Online Safety Advice, Our Copyright Policy, Advertising Policies and how to file a DMCA.

Reptile Forums

Herp Center offers a wide array of Reptile Forums for its members to post in. With over 100+ forums to choose from, Herp Center members should have little issue locating the forum that best suits their questions or comments.

Note: By posting your question or comments in the proper forum, you are likely to yield more responses. Some members only check specific forums when they visit. If you have posted your thread in an improper forum, you will be removing it from the very users you want to read it.

Example: Question about Leopard Gecko gets posted in General or Other forum versus the Leopard Gecko forum.

Reptile Care Sheets

Our Reptile Care Sheets section was designed to help hobbyists locate information on some common and not-so-common reptile species. We have care information for a multitude of animals spanning Ackie Monitors through our 50+ page Leopard Gecko care guide and 50+ page Green Iguana care guide. Some animals require more information than others and Herp Center has continued to develop these care sheets to meet the questions that the members have asked.
Herp Center has partnered up with Care Sheets and our care sheets can be viewed there as well.

Reptile Articles

Have you ever wondered how you Wire Heat Tape? Have you ever seen a Snake Necropsy? Do you understand why Quarantining Reptiles is important? Our Reptile Articles contains a Health - Wellness section, D.I.Y Tutorials that span Building a Rheostat - Building An Artificial Enclosure Wall, an Education - Information section and a section dedicated to varying calculators that will help you convert enclosure sizes (by measurement) to gallons, and more!

Reptile Diseases

Herp Centers Reptile Disease Section will be an ongoing process. The disease section currently contains information on Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD), Ulcerative Stomatitis (Mouth Rot), Kidney Disease (Renal Failure) and more.

Reptile Vet Finder

Locating Reptile Veterinarians, or those who treat exotics, can be difficult sometimes. Our Reptile Vet Finder is a collection of user submitted vets that are used to treat members animals. Our vet finder was designed with simplicity in mind and is organized by state. Locating an exotic vet in your state should not be an issue with over 300 exotic vets currently listed.

Reptile Shows - Expos

Our reptile shows and expos section is also maintained by user submissions. Members have the ability to add shows and expos for other members to locate.

Reptile Rescues

Our reptile rescues section is also maintained by user submissions. Members have the ability to add reptile rescues they have worked with or are familiar with for other members to locate.

Reptile Societies

Our reptile societies section is also maintained by user submissions. Members have the ability to add reptile societies for other members to locate.

Reptile Enclosures

It can be hard for people to draw inspiration for their enclosures. Our reptile enclosures section was designed to help with that. While viewing enclosures itself can be a worthy time waster, this section will offer people ideas to help beautify their enclosures at home. Do not limit yourself to the specific species you are designing for. Go through all of the enclosures and draw inspiration from those you find appealing and that meet your animals needs. With over 150 enclosures currently listed, this may take you awhile. Members can also submit their enclosures for indexing!

Invertebrates Care Sheets

Our Invertebrate Care Sheet section covers how to keep and breed almost every feeder insect that is commonly used in addition to offering additional information on invertebrate species.

Pet Reptile Names

Our reptile pet names section is also maintained by user submissions. Members have the ability to add their pats names for other members to browse through. This is ideal for those having a difficult time selecting a name for their new companions.

Feeder Prey

Our feeder prey section is a collection of care information for commonly bred feeder prey items such as mice, rabbits and various feeder insects. Breeding your own feeder items at home can be an invaluable resource for those with larger collections.