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The Turtle & Tortoise Club of Florida - Clearwater Chapter

Monthly meeting on turtles/tortoises.

  1. FLTurtleClub
    Are you interested in turtles and tortoises? Then check out our Club!
    We are a non-profit club which holds monthly meetings at a beautiful park located in the city of Clearwater, FL. We welcome people of all ages and encourage kids to come to the meetings with their parents to learn about turtles and tortoises and give knowledge to help preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

    Date/Time: The 2nd Saturday of every month at 7:00pm

    Address: Moccasin Lake Nature Park 2750 Park Trail Ln. Clearwater, FL 33759

    It is free to attend the meetings, but there is a $20 per a year membership which includes an electronic monthly newsletter as well as other club functions.

    Please contact for more information or have any questions:
    Mark Kirchner @ 352-340-6619


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