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Roach Motel

How To Build A Roach Motel

Roach Motel

A Roach Motel is just a means or structure for your roaches to hide and breed in. The term "roach motel" was adapted as a play on words, since most people associate low end motels with roach infestations.

This simple guide will show you how to make a roach motel for your breeding roaches. There are many variations and methods for making this unit. I am simply showing you two methods I have used for creating roach motels.

Disposable Roach Motel

This is the fastest and most convenient type of roach motel you could make. All that is required of you is some cardboard, glue or long screws, a razor knife or scissors, a straight edge (ruler) and a pencil. All of these items are likely in your home somewhere.

These toss away roach motels are extremely simple to make. I first cut the cardboard so that I have 5-8 equal sized pieces. These will be the flats in which the roaches climb. I then take another section of cardboard and cut out small squares that are 1" x 1" large. I use these as my spacers.

With the cardboard all cut, I begin the assembly. Lay a flat on the ground and add a dab of glue to each corner. Now press one of the 1" x 1" spacers you cut onto it. Then add a drop of glue on top of the first spacer and place a second spacer. Now add a drop of glue onto the top of each spacer and place another flat.

The 2 spacers used on each corner should have raised the second flat about 1/4" above the first.

Continue gluing the spacers and flats in this manner until you have used all of the material. Now allow it to dry overnight.

That's all there is to it. You can produce several of these types of roach motels at once and simply swap them out as needed.

Roach Motel Tools
Reusable Roach Motel Tools

Reusable Roach Motel

If you intend on breeding or keeping roaches for an extended period of time, it may be worth your while to build a housing unit that can be washed and reused. For this purpose, wood is an ideal material.

The unit I built was based on materials and tools that I had available. You can alter the materials used to conform to materials you have readily available as well.

As the picture depicts, I started with a piece of 1/8" luan. I used my speed square to layout 5 equal sized pieces of material and used my framing square to mark the layout across the wood. Though not depicted, I used a jigsaw to cut my stock.

I took each piece of wood and lined them up with each other as I stacked them. Once stacked and lined up, I clamped them together so they would not move when I drilled them.

With my material prepared, I grabbed a 1/4" dowel I had laying around and cut it into 4 equal size pieces. I then took my drill with a 1/4" drill bit and drilled a hole into each corner of the wood. I was one inch away from the outside edges for these holes.

The pieces of dowel I cut were then forced into these holes I had drilled. This is how I intended on spacing my wood and creating the sleeves in which the roaches will be utilizing.

Once spaced accordingly, I added a dab of elmers wood glue to each location and allowed it to dry.

Reusable Roach Motel
Reusable Roach Motel

The slots are where the roaches squeeze in and hide. By keeping it standing as depicted in the image, the waste the roaches produce will drop to the floor. This makes cleaning the enclosure and roach motels easier.

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Author: Richard Brooks