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Reptile Hip Leash

How to Build A Reptile Hip Leash

Reptile Hip Leash


A length of soft cord
A barrel clasp (available at a fabric store)


Tie a knot in one end of the cord.
Make a loop with the cord through the hole of the clasp.

The knot keeps the short end of the cord from slipping through the clasp. By pushing the button on the end of the clasp you can tighten or loosen the loop.

To use it, you just make the loop big enough to go over the igs head and forearms and then snug it down around the igs body right in front of the back legs. Not too tight, but not so loose that the ig can slip his legs through.

Please note: If you suddenly put resistance on the leash, the iguana may crocodile roll on you. This is not a leash like you would use on a dog, and you cannot expect the iguana to walk on it like a dog. This is simply a safety feature to prevent your ig from getting away from you.


Author: Marvin Caskey
Images - © Marvin Caskey