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Gecko Sauna

How To Build A Gecko Sauna

Gecko Sauna Use - Creation

Gecko Sauna – For Hydration & Shedding Related Issues

Dehydrated geckos, and geckos with retained shed, often benefit from the use of a "sauna". The sauna can rehydrate them and allow them to lick up moisture, or in the case of stuck shed, it can potentially loosen the skin enough so that it can be gently worked off later with a damp Q-tip. Reptiles with notorious shedding-related problems (Dysecdysis) could also be given a sauna prior to shedding (although the cause of such issues is usually related to husbandry or diet and should be addressed).


Appropriate-sized Tupperware Container

Gecko Sauna

Place the papertowel in the bottom of the container and soak it with lukewarm/room-temperature water.

Gecko Sauna

Now place the reptile inside the container.

Gecko Sauna

Misting the inside of the container and gecko will increase the humidity and providing water droplets to drink.
Close the lid completely and wait for approximately 10 minutes. Then remove the reptile.

Gecko Sauna

Gecko Sauna Video

While the subjects in both the above example and video example are crested geckos, the sauna is effective for the vast majority of gecko species, and can be used for other small lizards as well (e.g. skinks, young dragons, etc.). Ensure the container is an appropriate size for your lizard (i.e. they can fit in it comfortably) and monitor them while inside. If needed, a digital thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of the water and is encouraged if one is uncertain about whether the temperature is appropriate for your lizard. NEVER use hot water as this can seriously harm your reptile.

It is crucial that you monitor how long the animal is subjected to the added humidity. Extended periods of exposure to excessive humidity can lead to Upper Respiratory Infections. (Do NOT leave the animal unattended!)

Small air holes can be added to the container to help ease your fears of suffocation. Suffocation could occur if you left the animal in the container for an extended period of time. (Do NOT leave the animal unattended!)

The Gecko Sauna is not meant to replace a moist hide for species that can benefit from one.

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Author: Casandra McKee
Images - © Casandra McKee