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Differentiating Between Frogs And Toads

How to Tell The Difference Between Frogs And Toads

Frog - Toad Differences

How do you tell the difference between frogs and toads?

If you are reading this, the question above is likely something you have asked yourself in the past or may be asking yourself now. You wouldn't be alone. Many people don't realize that the differences between frogs and toads is not as distinguishing as the differences between a cat and a dog. In fact, did you know that all toads are actually frogs, but not all frogs are toads?

Toads are a sub-classification of frogs. This means that all toads are actually frogs. What it also means is that toads have enough differences between them and "true frogs' that they deserved their own classification.

Frogs and toads are amphibians. They are animals who begin their lives in the water and breathe through gills. As they mature they live on land and begin breathing with lungs.


Frog - Toad Differences

Smooth - Slimy Skin
Live In - Near Water
Wartless Body
Tiny Teeth
Narrow Body - Waist
Long Webbed Back Feet


Frog - Toad Differences

Dry - Warty Skin
Land Dweller - Water Breeder
Warty Body
Crawl - Hop
No Teeth
Wider - Flatter Body - Waist
Short Hind Legs

Did you know...

The word amphibian means "double life."


Author: Richard Brooks
Images - © Richard Brooks