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Filtered Reptile Enclosure Pond

How To Build A Filtered Reptile Enclosure Pond

Filtered Reptile Enclosure Pond

Whether for decorative purposes only, or to feed small fish eaters like Garter and Ribbon snakes, building a small pond inside an enclosure is easy.

They can also be used as a way to keep the humidity up in a tree frog enclosure or any type of vivarium you may want to create.


Tank with lid
1/4" clear acrylic (height to choice)
Aquarium silicone
Filter of choice


Tape Measure
Saw (I use a compound miter saw)


Select the placement of the pond wall and measure the inside width. Cut the acrylic piece to length needed.

Filtered Reptile Enclosure Pond

Dry fit, you may have to trim the bottom to clear the silicon holding the tank together.

Filtered Reptile Enclosure Pond

Make sure the Acrylic piece is sitting just against the glass to ensure a good seal.

Make sure all surfaces are clean.

Reptile Enclosure Pond
Filtered Enclosure Pond

Wait 24-48 hours for silicone to set. Fill with water and check for leaks.
If leakage occurs let dry and seal problem areas.

Once you are sure there are no leaks choose a filter and set in place. Add substrate if desired.

Filtered Reptile Pond

If the enclosure has a locking lid you may need to take off a small part of the lid to allow for the cord.

Reptile Pond

Add water and test the filter. Let it run for 24 hours to ensure there are no leaks or other issues.

Now you are ready to add your pets and live plants if you wish.


Author: Jay DeMore
Images - © Jay DeMore