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Build A Cricket Keeper

How To Build A Cricket Keeper

How To Build A Cricket Keeper

This is just my version of a home made cricket keeper. I prefer something like this as it looks cleaner then a hole cut and screen taped to it. The ones you see in the stores are just not big enough if you should have more then a few reptiles. I go through anywhere from 3000 to 3500 crickets a month.


1 Tote (any style will work). 1 Tube of aquarium safe silicone 1 pack of 3 and 1/2 inch rounded soffit vent (pictured below) I bought these from Lowes Home Improvement.


1 Drill 1 Hole Saw You can also use a sharp knife (utility knife).

This is the 3 and 1/2 inch rounded soffit vent.

Build A Cricket Keeper

You are going to want to set up where you want to put your vents. I set mine up as pictured below. You will either drill or cut out the holes to the correct size just as in the picture.

Build A Cricket Keeper

Here is a side view. If you notice I do not have holes on one side. This is because this side sits against the wall. So there is no need for vents on this side.

Cricket Keeper

In my lid I put three smaller vents strait down the center.

Cricket Housing

You are now going to want to put a bead of silicone around the edge of the soffit vent and push it into the hole you cut into the tote. You can see this pictured below in the finished keeper. I lost the picture that was here of an empty tote with just the vents glued in.

Cricket Enclosure

Fill it with supplies and add crickets and you now have your very own cricket colony.

Build A Cricket Keeper

Since there is already a great article here on raising and breeding crickets, there is no need for me to rewrite one. You may want to read this article linked below for a full caresheet raising and breeding crickets.

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Author: George Fischer
Images - © George Fischer