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Building A Co2 Chamber

How To Build A Co2 Chamber

Co2 Chamber

Co2 chambers are very easy to make and are extremely useful if you have multiple snakes or lizards that feed on rodents. They are ideal for the herp enthusiast that breeds their own prey to save money but do not like the idea of feeding live.

In this "How-To" you will find instructions on how to build your own Co2 Chamber for under $50.


CO2 Tank Tank Hose 4qt Sterilite Tub (or similar) Soldiering Iron (or drill & drill bit that is 1/16th smaller than the hoses' diameter)

Ok, first things first. Grab your Sterilite tub (or similar) and your soldiering iron (or drill & drill bit). Create a hole in the side of your tub (the narrow end) that is the size of the hose you are using. (Try to make the hole 1/16 smaller than the tubes diameter. This will create a really tight fit when you force the tube into the opening.)

You should have your hole made here:

Building a Co2 Chamber


Following this, you should use the silicone to secure the hose to the tub. Make sure there are no gaps! You don't want the co2 flowing outside of your tub.

Next, attach the hose to your co2 chamber. Make sure the lid is on your tub and turn the valve on to make sure everything works and nothing is leaking.

Now just place some paper towel on the bottom of the tub (in case your rodent relieves itself) and your ready to go.
You can use the chamber for more than one rodent at a time if you would like to make things go a bit quicker.

This method of euthanizing mice and rats for your reptiles is quick and painless when done correctly. Euthanizing your own feeders allow you to guarantee the nutrients that your snakes and lizards are receiving as you are the one feeding the rodents.

That's all there is to it! I told you it was simple.

Total cost for me was about $45. (Granted, I already have a soldiering iron.)
You can pick up co2 and the hose at a paintball supply shop.
Silicone can be purchased at any hardware store.
Sterilite containers can be purchased from stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and even online.