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Jan 20, 2017
    1. Jflores
      Yup, I’ve noticed that not allot of people work with the mocha line so I decided to jump in and see what cool morphs come out of them. Lucky you, for some odd reason my Het. Pied girl hasn’t eaten in over 2 months. The worst part is, she was supposed to start breeding in November with my Het. Pied male. The weird part is she stopped eating at 1500 grams, it’s like she knew once she hit 1800 grams that I was going to start breeding her, so much for pieds this upcoming season lol. Albino’s are truly amazing, especially cinnamon albino’s and black pastel albino’s. I have a friend who has been begging nonstop for me to trade in my hognose collection for one of his female albino hatchlings, I think I might just do it but at the same time I’ve grown attached to those little demons lol..
    2. Jflores
      Thanks!! I was pretty stoaked when I saw that purple head sticking out. I have to admit the Orange Ghost gene is AMAZING!!!! Sounds like you have a rock solid plan, wishing you the best of luck this upcoming season. For next season Dee and I are going to be working on Pastel Butter OG, Enchi Het OG, Ivory’s and Latte’s hopefully we will hit good odds next season..
    3. Jflores
      HEY HEY HEY!!! Just wanted to let you know that our HET OG Clutch hatched out and from the looks of it we have a Female Black Pastel Orange ghost and a 1.1 Black Pewter possible Orange Ghost.... Figured I share the news with a fellow OG lover!!! How's everything over at your end?
    4. Jflores
      Hello, Hello, just wanted to wish you a Happy late New Years lol...and I hope that everything is going well with you...
    5. Jflores
      Sweet!!!, if you are able to find an individual who has multiple HET OG’s please let me know so that I can get one.
      Well I will be making more that just Paste Orange Ghost, I am pairing her up with my Butter Het OG so I’m expecting Pastel Butter Orange Ghost, Butter Orange ghost and Pastel Orange Ghost along with a bunch of hets….. I cannot wait!!!! Every time I think about it I get so excited lol…I’m such a kid!!!
      Nice!!! I didn’t know that the Hypo gene did the same in corns… Sadly ATM I only have 2 corns in my possession and let me tell they ROCK!!! I have a candy cane and something the breeder sold to me as a bubblegum, however it does not look like any bubblegum I have seen…
    6. Jflores
      Ahh!!! The “pet” starter. That’s exactly what Dee told me at first… but like leopard geckos once you get one you have to get another LOL…Well OG’s are beautiful morphs and what the gene does to other morphs makes them so much cooler… However, being that the gene is recessive it makes it more time consuming to work with, which is why I believe that they are not worked on so much.. It took me 3 months to find “ULFR” and we got lucky that this guy had posted him on fauna. Anyways, I would recommend that you get yourself a morph het OG female. Regular OG’s are nice however; a morph OG goes throws out amazing colorations. If you want I can keep an eye out for your and let you know when something pops up.
    7. Jflores
      He is beautiful!!!!! I can not wait to see a clearer picture of him. So I imagine you are planning something stellar for him.. I don't if you saw it already but I posted a couple of updated pictures of my ball pythons, and three of them are 100% het ghost. So next year will be the season of the ghost for me… I cannot wait to see what I get out of the Butter Het OG to the Pastel het OG, and since I have a Black Pastel Het OG I’m looking for a Yellow belly het OG female. May I recommend something?
    8. Jflores
      I didn't want to hijack the other thread, but I must admit I am very excited for you and your OG. I noticed not allot of people like working with OG so when I saw you were getting one I was very excited...Once again congrats!!! The OG line makes everything look good!!
    9. Evozakira
      Sorry inbox was full!
    10. Evozakira
      Its the one i think is the male and he is not shedding. He did it twice last night first time was right after licking the other ones face for like 2 min. The one i think is the female is in full shed and seems to be working through it ok.
    11. Evozakira
      Darn well i cant figure that out till they poop.
    12. Evozakira
      Know what licking under the base of the tale means?
    13. Evozakira
      1,400 miles from alberta lol
    14. Evozakira
      Toooookay toooookay XD
    15. Evozakira
      Would a little plastic container and some moss be good for a moist hide in case my corn sheds soon? I've had him since Oct and he has not shed so I'm new to it.
    16. Wyldrose
      Paper towels is the best, cheep and easy to change :)
    17. alexjerel
      i have a baby bearded dragon and use sand substrate but recently found out it was bad for them what should i use
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