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Apr 23, 2013
    1. Rich
      Hi Bill. I have no idea what joke you are talking about and where you were trying to copy it from, so answering the question isn't possible.
    2. kriminaal
      The sites have your ip address and know your location
      It blocks you from accessing the video.
      As a last resort I'll get someone to buy it and ship to me
      Doesn't come out til Dec sometime
    3. wgnelson
      I usually have to pickup the wife from work at the time the show is airing, and I can only get to watch bits and pieces, unfortunately. When she has that night off, I'll watch the entire show.

      "Sound of Thunder" is a movie that centers on a company utilizing a 'time machine' to send big game hunters back in time to 'bag' the ultimate quarry. An Allosaurus. Someone makes a mistake, (I won't tell you!) and the evolutionary process goes haywire, to say the least! Everything starts changing in waves of time 'warps' that come by every so often, and start getting closer and closer in occurance. Pure speculation as to how or what would happen, but you never know!
    4. Reptoid
      Ah! Glad to see you like Primeval as well! Have you seen any of the third season?

      Hmmm I haven't seen the movie(I presume?) that you are talking about. I'll have to pick it up.
    5. Rich
      All I did was copy and paste the text from the email to the post. ;)
    6. Rich
      We don't currently have a dedicated location for something like that but it is something I will bring up with the staff to add. Thanks
    7. schlegelbagel
      Chorus of Color! That was at our Aquarium for about 6 months. It's a GREAT show. :)
    8. LovetheBaruu
      I met a mom, yesterday, with a two year-old and one year-old twins! Ugh! I would cry everyday. She has help from family in the area- lucky!
    9. LovetheBaruu
      My oldest is 8, the other two are 3. One of the little boys looks, and has the same temperment, as the big brother. Remember how expensive diapers were? I was so glad that they trained so easily! Nursing was a bit of a nightmare.
    10. LovetheBaruu
      I was reading several older threads and I think you mentioned twins?
    11. venus
      Story of my life :)
    12. venus
      Whatsa matta, cant stand a girl beating you, lol
    13. nicole
      He is just jealous, lmao! The hired help do not live with me, they come in twice a week, lol. Believe me I still clean toilets and do dishes and laundry, they just do the **** that is hard for me to get to, like polish the furniture, that junk, lol.
      Don't be a hater Og, lmao!
    14. Og_
      Ha ha ha, Is it supposed to be funny that I don't know how many Kids she has but I guessed it by one?!!!
      She doesn't have room mates, she has MAIDS! LOL
    15. nicole
      I do not have room mates, Also I have 4 kids at the moment that are biologically mine, with two more soon to be mine, lol. So Og doesn't even know how many kids I do have, lmao!
      However lookout, my youngest is 7 and she may come in and knock out all his scores, lol.
    16. nicole
      yeah, look out my 7 year old might take all your scores, lol.
    17. Og_
      One thing to remember, Nicole has five kids that play under her name besides herself. I have no kids or room mates. All my scores are my own.
    18. Og_
      Hey, YOU try and play a bunch of games a gazillion times and see how interested you are after about a year!LOL
    19. nicole
      Oh, I see how it is. I told him a while back that the arcade was boring me. He then proceeded to tell me something to the effect that it was an excuse and that I could not beat him, lol.

      I also got a private message before Christmas from him that said he had 5 days off and I needed to watch out for my scores, lol.

      Who know though, maybe he is bored, I get that way sometimes.
    20. nicole
      Hey, notice who is NOT the King of the Arcade, lol. All talk and no action he is, lmao!
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    May 10, 1951 (Age: 69)
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    Komodo Dragon !
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    Komodo Dragon; Monitor Lizard




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