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Nov 6, 2015
    1. Gaaaaaaaaaard
      Did you happen to receive my message?
    2. thaboi
      Hey is slate good to use as a basking spot and for stacking to make little corner hides
    3. AjaMichelle
      He runs over to me when I go outside to change his water, and nudges me with his nose until I feed him. It's hilarious. And he's acquired some new roommates recently, including a whiptail! I live in a pretty old, and established area so I was quite surprised to see her when I went out to feed Murray. :)
    4. AjaMichelle
      I'm not sure what kind of greens they're using but they look like collareds. :) You're so lucky to have such an array of flowers available to you :) Why don't you feed fruits?

      My box turtle is the cutest! His name is Murray and he's 15 to 20 years old. My brother found Murray scurrying across his lawn and caught him then called me. Murray had someone's initials painted on his back, which lead me to believe he was once a pet. I couldn't just let him go of course, so I brought him home and attempted to find his previous owner. I couldn't so I kept him. I had him inside over last winter because we had an early freeze. But he's been outside most of the summer and I'm kinda stressing because he'll be outside this winter. :) But I'm sure he knows what to do! (cont.)
    5. AjaMichelle
      There's always a bowl of millet and lentil/bean mix in the enclosure along with the fruits and veggies. :) It sounds like they're doing what you're doing.

      I asked about the chopping versus piles of veggies because I feed my dubias a variety of foods but I don't mix them together. The roaches seem to move around and eat a little of everything, but it's hard to tell for sure. I'm thinking it's not a big deal if every roach doesn't eat every thing offered because I'm feeding multiple roaches to my sav in a sitting, and none of the options I offer the roaches should be detrimental.

      I also have a box turtle and he's less likely to eat what he should if I don't chop and mix. I do what you do and chop and mix some items, then leave the squash on top! :)

      Where do you get your flowers? I want to start offering them to my knight anoles. Do you ever feed pollen?
    6. AjaMichelle
      It seems like feeding crickets to Uros is a pretty terrible idea. My local herp shop has them periodically. I think they feed them a millet based diet but I see veggies in the enclosures too.

      When you offer your Uros food, do you chop it all up so that each bite contains a little bit of everything? Or do you kind of just pile it around?
    7. AjaMichelle
      So weird! :) The address you gave me is working perfectly. Apparently I can't access Uro Wiki on my phone. :)

      I was reading another forum and the folks there were talking about how awesome it is to feed their uros crickets. Not many, just occasionally. Uros are vegetarians aren't they? What happens when they're fed crickets?
    8. AjaMichelle
      I was trying to access Uro Wiki earlier and I keep getting redirected to Wikipedia. Any ideas?
    9. kriminaal
      No, the first response I never received. I sent him a message at the afore mentioned forum for now.
      If I can't get in contact with him. I'll try and rewrite some of the caresheet and run it by you. Trying to get the Ackie one updated first though
    10. kriminaal
      Hey muchacho.
      Did you get my pm? about Urowiki?
    11. Jflores
      Dude, Just wanted to stop by and say, you are a truly talented photographer!!!
    12. DwarvenChef
      Cool, thanks. I was just at a local photo shop and they also recommended the same two 60 lenses. Food, kitchen knives, coins and such would be my primary subjects but the lizards would come in secondary. I just dug up my Cannon AE1 program from the 80's that I thought was useless due to corrosion. But just now looking alot closer I see that the rust is only surface rust that peeled the paint around the door. I may beable to clean that off and repaint it and be fully functual as a film camera :) I have a 2x vivatar macro focusing teleconverter on a 50mm lens that I liked the results of with my coins. I may have a solution that I can afford lol. But I'm still looking at the dedicated digital macro lens... if i can swing the expense.
    13. DwarvenChef
      I'm looking for a starter dedicated Macro lens for a Cannon T2. What should I be looking for? Love the images your getting :) Can't swing anything over $400 really...
    14. AjaMichelle
    15. murrindindi
      O.k thanks for that, I`m sure I`ll get it wrong more often than right...It`s a tough life, it really is....
    16. murrindindi
      Hi vers, how do I get more than one pic into the post??? (Make your explanation as simple as possible, then simplify it even more)!
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