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Aug 26, 2009
Sep 21, 2006
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Aug 26, 2009
    1. rick1iam
      I haven't been on line in a while but I just saw your post about a loud heater. It probably needs a fan the noise is usually bearings in the fan housing. The standard warranty is three years.
    2. 904cresteds
      hey! i recently got a baby red green tree python..hes about 6 months old..when i got him it looked like hes having a bad shed..i cleared all of the flakes near and on his head..i sprayed him with repti shed ease or w/ set up is a 20gal tall with water on the bottom *not all water has a little pump and a island looking thing easy to cleaN SINCE ItS A SPONGE *some drift wood..with leaves for cover..temps 80 to 88 degree's around 70 to 75 at night..i got him on fri..its mon and i tried feeding him a pinkie with forceps..tried all the tricks i know tickling his tail with the pinkie and moving the pinkie in and out infront of his go i even tried at think he still needs time?and does spraying him with the shed ease stress him?and he has been drinking water i spray him 3 times a day..and make sure he drinks..the breeder had him in a plastic box..with paper towels ..i have a more costly setup..think hes not use to it?idk i have called the breeder he said give the snake time to relax and feel secure in the new cage etc..its in my bedroom..i do watch tv and use the computer at night..could these things bother him?most of my herps arnt bothered by these things ..i was just wondering if these pythons are more sensitive to these things.
      msg back plz :)
    3. Typhanie
      :) Who knows? Stranger things have been written off.

      You should see how many cages and half-finished enclosures I have in my house. I save EVERYTHING because I never know when I'm going to suddenly need that old tank or light fixture again. Reptiles certainly do take up a lot of space.
    4. tlh9162
      Thanx for info! Hmmm...2 enclosures that are going to be 6 x 6 x I think I made need a home improvement loan from Home Depot...LOL Do you think I could use it as a tax deduction? lol
    5. Typhanie
      That's just to help us keep track of ourselves. How else will we know what we're doing?

      I checked it out. Ha ha. :) I didn't even see any profile customization options. I'll have to search them out.
    6. nicole
      hahaha you and Kriminaal both talk to yourselves in your messages,, too funny,, check his out, lol
    7. Typhanie
      I'm leaving myself a message. But I'll probably never read it.
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    My Interests:
    Anything geeky, really. And lots of books. Old books especially. And art, of course.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    A black Blood Python. Another water dragon and chameleon.
    Favorite Reptile:
    Kono, my Water Dragon. He caught ill very quietly, and died one night. I still miss him.


    "Let's eat, Grandpa!"
    "Let's eat Grandpa!"

    Punctuation. It saves lives.