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May 4, 2009
Jun 28, 2008
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May 4, 2009
    1. Tas38
      I can hold the Brown one some But the Green one is skittish. They really are more a viewing type. They are very cool to watch though. So funny.
      those are awsome basilisks can you hold them though i have one my self and he lets me hold em all the time but doesn't let any one else he is mean
    3. monaleena
      yeah they're cute, confusing though! ...i really dont get them. the girl is always hiding and the boy recently stopped eating the last two times i've fed them. so we will see what happen. i'm going to call the pet store i bought them at tomorrow morning. and my doggy is a chihuahua/dachtsund a.k.a. chiweenie! =) he is my love, i got him last summer.
    4. leahbrd
      :) Thanks. Eliza (high yellow) was adopted for $25 from a lady that had a son that left her at the house when he moved. :) :) Her loss was my gain. I LOOOVE Eliza. My baby beardies are plain drab though, but are showing nice colors as well.
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    My Interests:
    My newest obsession is reptiles. I am a giant computer nerd and love to hike and fish.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Crested Geckos
    Favorite Reptile:
    Bearded Dragons, Crested Gecko's



    0.1.0 Bearded Dragon(Crush)
    1.4.0 Anoles(Casanova,Bambi,Fiona,Belle,Rain )
    0.0.1 Long Tail Grass Lizard(Dragon)
    0.0.1 Golden Gecko(Kim-Ly)
    0.1.0 Brown Basilisk(?)
    0.0.1 Basilisk Plumifron(Messiah)
    1.1.0 Hypomelanistic Corn Snake

    Bunny: Honey
    Chihuahua/JRT mix: Pippin
    Shepard/Lab mix: Ruby
    Cockatiel: Brennan
    Budgie: Tiny
    Hooded Rat: Jimmie
    Hamster: Mischief
    Chinchillas: Mork and Will