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Nov 3, 2009
Dec 30, 2008
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Nov 3, 2009
    1. kcftlaud08
      Where are you at again?
    2. kcftlaud08
      Has Bindy settled down any? Did you have any luck yet with a tank?
    3. kcftlaud08
      Well, I don't think going on the concrete is a bad thing. I have a concrete driveway and asphalt road that Roxy seems to enjoy from time to time. I'm in south Florida so she must like the toastiness and little rub she gets from it. We don't have any tar so it isn't cooking degree but I have to trust if she didn't like it she would lie on it. I think being couped up is probably not good but, with work you could make her a better snake. I am by no means an expert. I went to a Herp Show down here and was horrified to see so many for sale in itty bitty containers. I was actually offended by the whole thing. I didn't know what to expect as I had never been to one. Won't be back anytime soon. I don't know what to say about her flailing around, but Roxy does that at first, as if I'm going to drop her in the Amazon or something. Dream on, girl, this is as good as it gets! LOL
    4. kcftlaud08
      Hopefully a good tank will come your way. I just got lucky with Roxy. I got her from a girl who I had worked with for many years so we had a mutual trust thing going. I knew she had taken good care of her and she knew that I wouldn't just bail on her or sell her to a breeder. It was meant to be. She gave me the whole set up for free. She was moving to a place where she could have NO pets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something bigger comes your way for her. Do you let her out?
    5. bethany
      yup she was in a little peitre dish when I got her from the breeder. she was so tiny.
    6. kcftlaud08
      Why would you sell her? Is Bindy a pet? I don't trust many people who want reptiles. I think most are not as prepared as they think they are.
    7. bethany
      Lol Ned is going on 8 the end of this year. Her Birthday is Dec 15th. I was calling her Ned for quite awhile, but when I found out she wasn't a he I "renamed" her Nedina. I just call her Ned she loves it!
    8. kcftlaud08
      I think about 8 years old. I adopted her last March and she was allegedly 7 ish. She was already 7 1/2 feet long but I had experience as a teenager with large snakes. Not that I was sure I could handle this, and sometimes still am not. But we seem to be doing OK. I'd hate to see her go to a breeder or let loose in the Everglades. I figured I was her best prospect. Poor Roxy! :)
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