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    1. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey, you are very welcome. Anytime I can help please feel free to ask. :D
    2. David McConley
      David McConley
      Sorry I am just getting back to you, I was off-line. There is always a chance that playing/teasing the snake with the prey item can cause tooth loss, however snakes lose teeth all the time when they bite food(or hands) and if they are relatively healthy it is a minimal risk. That being said, a lot of people tease their snakes into feeding, especially young ones. It makes them hold interest in the prey better and they may eat faster than if it is put in front of them and left alone. I have mine to the point now that all I have to do is hold the mouse/rat in front of them and BAM it is gone.
      I have been bitten by several of my snakes and they have lost teeth and they healed very nicely. All I can tell you is that it is a judgment call on your part and being the caring keeper that you are I think your snake will be fine if it does lose a tooth or two.
    3. David McConley
      David McConley
      Don't worry about whether you think a question is silly or "stupid"> Feel free to ask me anything, if I can answer it I will. I don't mind helping someone out at all so if I can help you ask away.
    4. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hi, I appreciate the kind words from you. I do have a few snakes(would love to have more though, if I could afford them). Once you develop a pattern you just stay with it. I stay on a feeding,handling and cleaning schedule and that really helps. Usually I handle them at least once or twice a week, I clean once a week and feed as needed for each particular age of snake. I combine this with a geenerous amount of time researching snakes and lurking around this forum to stay on top of things. Everyone here is so awesome and they all love to help where they can(myself included). That's about it as far as the snakes go, I hope this helps you with any questions you may have, please feel free to ask me anything you may have.
    5. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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