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Jan 24, 2010
Oct 6, 2009
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Jan 24, 2010
    1. twinkie317
      hay.. this is twinkie317 with the boa that won't eat.. he is a peruvian red tail. 8 foot. he was eating live with the people that had him. then like I said after they tried to breed him he stopped takeing anything.. live, dead, thawed.. all of the options they gave him were jumbo rats.. his tank temp is mid 80's on the hot side.. and 75ish on cool side. he is in an 8 foot L, 2and a half foot deep, 4 foot tall enclouser I bilt him.. BIG water dish. he is moveing and searching in and out of his tank like my other snakes do when hungary.. so that's were I don't know what to do.. my fear is that it has been some time sense he ate last and he does look slightly under wieght.. I even 'BRAINED' the last rat I tried to give him.. he was more interested in it.. but didn't take it... iv tried what I know.. any thing else I could try would be great..
    2. Rich
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