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Nov 14, 2012
Mar 7, 2007
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Jul 3, 1975 (Age: 44)

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Nov 14, 2012
    1. Joy81
      Liz I need help! I've only had my frogs for a week, but Rowdy won't eat anymore, he ate one cricket the day after I brought them home. He just snuggles down like hes gonna go to sleep. Shy eats about 3 medium crickets every other day no problem. Any ideas?
    2. Joy81
      Hi Liz! I'm visiting my moms, and I get to play on her laptop. Some day I'll get my own lol.
    3. Joy81
      hey liz, I showed my mom your photo album, I love your tree frogs, they are so stinkin cute! She thinks the picture of Weasley, and Grace(?) is really cute. Chat at you later!
    4. Rich
      The videos are fixed. She entered the titles for the videos as questions. Example: Tail Twith? clip 1. The script added the question mark and the period to the url, which can't be done. lol Those links really didn't exist. ;)
    5. leahbrd
      Yay Baltimore! I didn't realize that's where you are. My company designs and builds luxury apartments all over the world, and my two jobs are in Baltimore! One called "domain Brewer's Hill" at 1200 Conkling, and one called "Towson Promenade" on York. I'll be traveling there soon, hopefully this winter. :-D
    6. leahbrd
      We have very mild winters here in Houston, but my house was built in 1932 and has hardwood floors throughout, so it cools down quite a bit. I've got all of my animals in one room in my home, and I leave the blinds open so they all get some natural light and warmth during the day. I have to leave my AC on during the day because my house will be a SAUNA if I turn it off, and my four dogs would hate me, lol. The animals room sits at a constant 80-85 during the day and drops to maybe 75-80 at night. I forget that there are actually places in the US that have mild weather...when I read people saying "we don't have AC" I'm like...WHAT?!! NO AC?!!! I'd DIE!!! lol But it gets in the high 90's here with SUPER humidity. (Today we're at 96)
    7. leahbrd
      I did actually replace the water dish as he grew. Now about half of his enclosure is a soaking dish. I'm still not satisfied with his setup. I had to completely redo it about a month ago because I found mites in there. I'm convinced that it was in the Ecoearth stuff I used. I also found them in my tarantulas cage, as well as a Pacman I had. I had used the substrate for all three of the enclosures. UUUUGH. Thanks for the note!

      What kind of lighting / heating are you using if you don't mind me asking. I'd like to compare.
    8. 0Michael0
      Thought this might interest you. I just went to Jug Bay and saw hundreds of baby spade foots. It was strange. I usually have to search hard to find just one.
    9. thead11
      Happy Birthday!!!
    10. YankeeChops
      Thanks for the link-- I just found that site. I'm going to try and go to the next meeting and get some advice about this new enclosure I am building. I'm really excited about it-- just bought the lumber today. Wish me luck! =)
    11. YankeeChops
      I went to Amherst High as well, for Freshman year anyways. I wonder if the WNY Herp Soc. is online. I'll check now. It would be great to join, just to make friends and network.
    12. YankeeChops
      Hello again, Liz! Morgan here-- the Amherst lady. I actually live right over by Amherst High School/Daemen College. That's cool that we are from the same area. I'd like to meet some herp lovers in this area. I believe there is a herp society of WNY-- I'll have to look into that. =)
    13. dhruv
      are you online
    14. dhruv
      hi hello
    15. dhruv
      hi do you know about red slider turtle
    16. 0Michael0
      Let me just say that the pot rocks are freekin awesome. Still no copperheads, but I found a lot of pretty fantastic things this weekend. My favorite being a very large and angry Black Racer. I added some new pictures. I am thinking of checking out the Hereford area this weekend.
    17. tlh9162
      Added ya to my im yahoo. :)
    18. venus
    19. criggotdasquits
      izzy has started sleeping on her viv floor instead of high up on her branch where she usualy sleeps?Do you know why.
    20. 0Michael0
      Well,...let's see. I went to the pot rocks. Then I proceeded up the hill on the lost pond trail, which ironically I never found. I guess because it's lost. It does open up into an amazing open field at one point. I'll probably try again this Saturday, if it's nice, but I'll start a little earlier.
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