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Nov 14, 2012
Mar 7, 2007
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Jul 3, 1975 (Age: 45)

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Nov 14, 2012
    1. JoeyG
      Mine is also about to turn 3 in couple of months so they're close in age! I have looked at tickets but for us it's about a grand because of all three of us and then renting a car and everything else. We usually stay at the Hilton right across the airport though because it's kind of in the middle of everyone and everything, plus my daughter LOVES the pool!!!!
    2. JoeyG
      Didn't want to hijack the thread. My wife said she grew up in Lancanster. We choose to drive instead because I think the take off would freak my daughter out (she's almost 3). We usually take our time and stop to see things so she does okay. Thank God for portable DVD players!
    3. Rich
      I love the new timeline, thank you very much. it looks great!
    4. LovetheBaruu
      I received ATC's from Iggysmommy hint * hint
    5. LovetheBaruu
      Send your ATC's!!
    6. bucher70
      Ok thanks I may wait. My cwd is kinda hating crickets any more hoping to intice him with different prey. Thanks
    7. bucher70
      Hey I might be interested in buying some roaches. What kind of care do they require, and how much would shipping cost. I live in Eighty-Four , pa. Are they live bearers, I cant remember.
    8. suiravla
      I saw your about bufo alvarius and moss. I had just changed my Bufos tank to sand and moss an hour before I found your post. I ran to the hydro store and got coconut choir and worm castings to mix a good substrate for my toads trying to copy what you posted. One currently is trying to pass some of the sphagnum moss that it ingested and there seems to be problems. The moss is partially out but hasnt came out all the way and the poor toad looks really uncomfortable.

      Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

    9. TeoSnow
      I've seen you post about heaters for RETFs that have thermostats on them to help moderate the temp. I haven't been able to find such products online or in stores. Can you tell me which you are using?
    10. irateadidas
      its real sand ..not cal sand it is just from a black beach i can get the name if u need me to
    11. Medium
      Nice to meet you! Thanks for jumping in, wood is harder to help out...find what works...LOL!
    12. hollyelese
      If you could please look at my thread when you get a chance. It's in Amphibians -- General. Title: Fire Belly Toad Tank Question. I have seen your posts, and would really appreciate your input. Thanks
    13. iluvgreektortoise
      Do we have caresheets about:
      painted box turtles
      land hermit crabs
      red eared slider turtles
      and map turtles
      I just thought it would'nt be complete without these
    14. Rich
      Take your time. I am not concerned about your mod actions right now. I don't even have the mod utility installed right now. lol Less screaming is always good!
    15. Rich
      How are you and the baby doing mom?
    16. martinwilde
      I just bought a pixie frog off of crags list. He seems to have a film over him.
      The girl said he was hibernateing. She said just mist him evey so offen.Should I warm him up? Is this normal? please help, Thanks, Marty
    17. Reptoid
      Hi schlegel! Whats up?! How have you been?!
    18. hillary713
      thank you so much for directing me on where to go! when it comes to technology I'm not very advanced lol
    19. Beardie
      Thanks! That was probably one of the strangest questions you've been asked.
    20. Beardie
      Hey schlegel! I was just wondering if your name has anything to do with the lock company, Schlage locks, as my uncle works for them? Good luck with the tadpole!
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