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Nov 21, 2013
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Nov 21, 2013
    1. lizardboy
      cute beardie pretty color
    2. teddybear08
      What kind of greens do you feed her? Like carrots and celery? I gave him salad but i wasnt sure on what other veggies he could eat since hes still really small. Do you soak her in just warm water?
    3. sara122
      Well I am very careful about the lighting. I never leave in on more then four or five hours at a time. I do turn it on a few times a day. I feed her meal worms and crickets (dusted). What ever is not eaten I take out. I also feed her three times a day. She is not good about eating greens but I do put them in there anyway. I cut up very small and not all stuck together she seems to eat them a little that way. I use reptile carpet only. I soak her at least every three days to help her with her shedding and hydration. I watch her skin to see if I think it is getting to dry if so I do soak her. I am also careful that there are no sharpe corners or anything in the cage that can cut her. They can not use most of the thing that most BD can use because it is just to rough. If I spelled a lot wrong It is because I already took my sleeping meds lol. There skin is very delicate and will need your attention.. I hope this helps just read and read and do your best I am sure you will do fine.
    4. teddybear08
      Hi Sara, I came across your post online and i saw you had a silkback. A friend of mine just gave me his because hes a soldier and was about to diploy and had no body that would take him so i said i would. But i cant get in contact with him since hes in iraq so im not too sure how to exactly take care of him. He gave me a book on bearded dragons but im not too sure that i should be even looking in it because he doesnt have scales. I dunno. I love this little guy but i want to make sure im taking care of him right. So if you can just tell me a couple of things on how you take care of yours it would help me out ALOT and i would really appreciate it.
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