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Nov 10, 2010
Oct 10, 2007
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Nov 10, 2010
    1. kittykattucker
      Yesterday my water dragon got caught in between two fake plants, he's unharmed but he's really freaked out. We got to him as soon as it happened luckily. he was convulsing and had his chin flared out with his mouth open, he also had his insides pushed out a bit from his butt. I know all this has him really stressed but hes healthy for sure. But I'm wondering how long we should leave his cage covered without the lights on. Or basically how long should we leave him alone because its been over a day and weve been quiet but if we peak in at him he still freaks out!
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    My Interests:
    I love my dragons. I even started my own webpage about them., if you are interested in reading about my girls please check it out. I am also a poet and songwriter. And, my myspace page is pretty much all about awareness, organizations that I'm passionate about, etc. My facebook is more my social hang out. I wish I was out in the world doing more but I'm a wife, a mother and in the work force - so, living the humanitarian dream is postponed (for now). But, it may not be too far off - my kids are getting older (which is killing me). All young adults and teens, including an ASU student in her 2nd year. I was a hospice volunteer for about 2 yrs but my patient passed away in May 2009, and I'm not ready just yet to pair up with another. I'm trying to get involved with a local reptile rescue and a local organization that works with refugees from regions such as Darfur, the Sudan. Am I boring or what?
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Frilled Dragon
    Mtn Horned Dragon
    Eastern Water Dragon
    Boyd's Forest Dragon
    Okay, not a reptile, I know - but, sugar gliders!
    Favorite Reptile:
    My WDs of course. They are so awesome.


    My Reptiles:
    *Emmie* Female WD
    *Sidney* Unsexed Juvenile WD

    My WDs:
    Water Dragons, Not Just Lizards
    Emmie & Zoey
    ~ Jess ~