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Aug 23, 2009
Nov 27, 2008
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Aug 23, 2009
    1. agama3000
      I thought a lizard needed a bigger cage than a turtle
    2. agama3000
      haha,that would be cool,what turtle did he have
    3. agama3000
      lucky...where did you get it :?
    4. agama3000
      hi,havent seen you around much,so hi
    5. agama3000
      how much cheaper do you think it is
    6. agama3000
      no not yet like I said the shop is sut down...I will probably make my own because I think it is cheaper
    7. agama3000
      hopping for a beardie
    8. agama3000
      I know wat I am doing
    9. agama3000
      yep... maybe
    10. agama3000
      we should be moving soon so I should find some herps in a shop or by looking for them in the country
    11. agama3000
      no but the reason is the local pet shop is shut down I would probably have on by now
    12. Vegetasmom
      Kool... that's way better than I plan on making a custom enclosure once the weather gets warmer.
    13. barnkat
      Be sure your parents are all right with reptiles before you bring one home. We have several reptiles, but I like reptiles and although my husband doesn't exactly love them he doesn't mind. I have several rescue reps that were from households where a teen brought one home and parents objected. My husbands biggest objection is the electricity and space. All that being said, read up on the care for the reptile you get so you can provide it with the care it needs. Many of our rescues are from households where adults were the owners, and did not care for the needs of the animal the way the should. Good luck finding the kind of reptile you fit best with!
    14. barnkat
      I love the avatar picture by the way. We are about 35-40 miles from Lansing, to the Southeast. We started going to Taylor several years ago, before Kalamazoo had theirs running. My 19 year old daughter absolutely adores crested geckos. She's had some. We had a well water issue though and it ended up with her geckos dying.
    15. barnkat
      We usually go to Taylor when we go, but haven't been in about 10 months. The docs are still trying to figure out what's wrong, been sick for 4 months, can't go until I'm well! lol. Oh, well. During the last year people have been contacting me to come and get their animals, so I have a full house and barn currently. Where do you usually go, Kalamazoo or Taylor? I wanted to go to Lansing at one point this year, but ended up busy that weekend.
    16. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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