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Nov 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011
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Nov 19, 2011
    1. reptileden0
      Update on Toof the young Savannah Monitor...
      Toof maintains handleability during and after feeding as she has learned tongs carry food and fingers point out food but arent food. When tongs are not visable feeding response stops. Also of the target feeding has developed her the ability to understand her name, as well as "come here" with or with out food. With the "come here" repeated a couple of times, Toof readily leaves the security of her enclosure. She climbs over Rufus and makes Thor and Buck move out of her way. Toof climbs the couch and allows pettings, with eyes open and tounge flicking. She sits on our laps at her choice and face rubs on us occasionally. When she has had her fill she returns to her enclosure and we close door behind her.
      Target feeding has really brought her out of her shell and has made socalizing her idea.This doesnt mean she isnt a handfull though! Predators are very opinionated and arent afraid to show it. She fits right in!
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    My Interests:
    Reptiles, cars, hunting, camping, fishing, knives, guns, traveling, landscape design, graphic communications, and so much more. I have rescued and rehabilitated over 200 reptiles since I was 13. My recent favorite iguana and my Bosc are on my you tube reptileden0's channel.
    Also in my reptile artillery I have my friend Sky. Sky is my buddy of reptiles. He has a long story but the short version is he is a herpatoligist that had a reptile park once and was certified vet. His wife at the time shot him, in the face. She took and sold everything when he was in his coma by telling the doctors he did it to himself.
    He first returned to reptiles thru my Iguana Taarna. She was the first one he had the heart to look at and touch sinse the incident. He preping to re take the exams here in MN and helps all the regions vets as an on call and mobile consultant for herps. He has also gained the momentum to start a better rescue park facility. The bank has already approved, he just needs zoning ..
    Reptile Wishlist:
    I like iguanas in my home. Down the road, a nile monitor, another amazon tree boa, and/or a tegu.
    Favorite Reptile:
    I have had my favorites that were rescues and lived out their lives with me but I miss my Taarna