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Jun 19, 2007
Jun 15, 2006
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Jun 19, 2007
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    My Interests:
    Reading, writing, video games, sleeping, (oh Gawd this one is a recent hobby, let me tell you.) drawing -mostly cartooning-, singing poorly, and disturbing random strangers. (Usually I do this just by smiling, but sometimes that's too easy.)
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Hrm. I've got my hands full with Heebee right now :) But someday I might like either a beardie or an iguana, depending on how my experience with Heebee goes. Oh, and I've always wanted a snake ;p
    Favorite Reptile:
    I love all critters, from cats to rats to maggots to reptiles. Gotta say though, I have a soft spot


    ~My Petses, Preciouss...~
    0.1.0 (Dementedly Happy) Standard Poodle, Atashi
    1.1.0 Housecats, Bilbo Aragorn Tubs and Demeter
    0.0.1 ANCIENT Comet Goldfish, Platesy (I was 4 when I named her :p )
    1.0.0 Adolescent Chinese Water Dragon, Heebeejeebee
    0.0.2 Ryuken Goldfish, Forksy and Spoony (named to go with Platesy<3 )
    0.0.2 Golden Dojo Loaches, Jack and Anamaria