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Apr 26, 2017
Dec 4, 2009
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October 17

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Apr 26, 2017
    1. Flint
      Oh yay you did get to use the plans! haha I had no idea if you started building yet or not. That cage is the perfect size for a BRB :D So whats goin on with the move?
    2. Flint
      Hey awesome person! Hows the animals doin? Haven't heard from you in a while :)
    3. Mike55
      Ah ok. I feel for you. :(
    4. Mike55
      You could sue her for the iguana
    5. Mike55
      Aw. :( Try the local animal shelter seing how you live in texas its possible that she/he is doing good and was picked up by someone.
    6. Mike55
      Hey Purple Muffin what type of Iguana do you have?
    7. puzzlebean
      I love that purplemuffinlover posted that they loved you on your wall. Haha! I hope puzzlebeanlover posts on mine.
    8. purplemuffinlover
    9. puzzlebean
      Omg. We have the same birthday! That's epic.
    10. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey! Thanks for the compliment on my snakes. It is hard to believe that picture is over a YEAR and a half old...I really need to update my photos. She is much bigger now. Take care.
    11. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hi, sorry for being such a bad influence on you! He,he,he. I love all morphs and I think on of the most beautiful morphs you can get is...the one you like best. I have a normal, a creamsicle, and a bloodred. I had a snow, but she died after laying some eggs. The also died. Some of the locales are very nice too, like the Okeetees- the colors are AWESOME and I want about 40 or 50 of them for $yself (if I had room and money). Good luck with the BRB and the future cornsnake(s). If I can be of any help, please feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail is: Tell your boyfriend I like brightly colored animals too, but I think any leucistic snakes are the greatest. Take care-David
    12. mld
      Guacamole is a great name, he is soo cute I love the last picture in your post. He is giving you the lost puppy look. too cute
    13. TheLeviathan
      hey its me levi, HAHA if it wasnt obvious already!
    14. hennisntacanibal
      did you find out about that contest yet??
    15. IguanaMom
      Hey Kat,
      Im working on your pot tonite,I have alot of energy so will be up the next few nites Im sure! Just to mention my daughter & 2 &1/2 yr old grandson is moving on Wed.(only 15miles from me) Still dont like it!! So going to use this time to do art!! Im hoping to be able to send you you pot if I can afford it! But do want you guys to have it!!

      Take care
    16. IguanaMom
      Shoot I posted them as private so I guess Ill just post them under photos, You will be the only one that knows what they are I hope!!

    17. IguanaMom
      I just noticed your B-Day is 3 deays prior to mine..... However I think by your pic Im many many years ahead of you :)
    18. IguanaMom
      Hey Kat
      I just put some pics up under my gallery I hope you can see them!!
      Id like to know what you think since Im gonna work on it some more tonite!!

      I showed it & the one I have of LaLA to the local pet store & they want to sell them on a order only type thing. The owner & I came up with the heading as follows "Cats, Dogs Reptiles,, I do them All. sounds kinda catchy I think.
    19. David McConley
      David McConley
      I am currently working on something for the annual Ladies Conference for the church, so I am working like a mad man. The conference is on 12-13 March, the same week-end as the Columbia SC Repticon show.
    20. David McConley
      David McConley
      Your illustration of Maru is so cool! You are very talented. I plan to get some of my paintings I have done for our church. I will try to get them up soon. Have a great one. David
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    October 17
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    Art and Animals!
    Reptile Wishlist:
    another Brazilian Rainbow Boa someday as well as a Tokay Gecko.. Both pets I had lost, and would one day hope to redeem myself, as far as dream animals, Coastal Carpet Python, hognose, kenyan sand boa, many ball python morphs, argentine b/w tegu, blue tree monitor, red ackie monitor, red eye crock skink, mexican black kingsnake, suriname redtail boa, panther chameleon..the list goes on!
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    The family:
    1.2.0 Leopard geckos (Bubba, Freckle, Speckle)
    1.0.0 Ball Python (Maru)
    0.1.0 Common Boa (Nagini)
    0.1.0 Cockatiel (Bella)
    0.1.1 Pacman Frog (Guacamole, Chimichurri)