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Jun 30, 2009
Apr 3, 2004
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Jun 30, 2009
    1. Rich
      I pop in maybe 2 times a week and answer a few posts here and there. Its a decent way to link to some of the HC info too, which may reach someone. I have actually found other people linking to HC stuff in there, so that works too. lol I am easy enough to find on there. Rich B is my screenname, and happens to be my real name and last initial. lmao
    2. Rich
      I take the leos very seriously as they are one of my favorite reptiles. lol Unfortunantly, she caught me after reading several posts on the yahoo answers site that were just downright stupid. Then I came across her leo response and I was less than my typical "nice" self. That answers site causes more problems for people than it actually corrects. I have seen kids going through and giving thumbs down to answers that were spot on and thumbs up to answers that were dead wrong. A site like that should have a massive warning in red at the top that states the answers posted are NOT deemed accurate and could kill your reptiles. Some of the posts on there are that dangerous.
    3. Rich
      Thank you for the donation Veronica, it is greatly appreciated. Even though it wasn't for a subscription, I am going to manually add you as a subscriber. Have you chatted with Stacey? (reptilefile) I told her to tell you hello. lol We are chatting via email.
    4. StoneSour
      Hey V! haha yeah I didn't realibr
    5. kriminaal
      I see you found where to change the colors. Looks good.
    6. nicole
      ohhh, I will be your friend, lol.
    7. prismwolf
      LOL...I needed a lot of things! When I get back from getting parts for the hot water heater I'm going to spruce up my profile page a little. thanks for adding me as a friend! You seem to be my only one. I think I may need to fix that, too...;-)
    8. Rich
      You needed a comment!
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    My Interests:
    Herp hobbyist, officer/webmaster/bully breed coordinator for our local humane society, operate small exotics rescue from my home, small scale rehabilitation of wildlife, enjoy flower gardening when I have time, crafts, reading fantasy books, listening to music.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    I think a green tree boa would be at the top of my list...:)...then:
    Emerald Tree Boa
    Leaf Tail Gecko (any large species...they're awesome)
    Sulcata or Spur-thigh tort
    Favorite Reptile:
    I can't say that I have one favorite. There are several types I think are great.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Exotic Animal Rescue of Henry Co.
    ~~Rescue - Rehab - Rehome~~