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Jun 14, 2014
Jul 28, 2007
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Jan 17, 1966 (Age: 54)

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Jun 14, 2014
    1. mld
      A fruit fly likes cider vinegar! true!

      Yes, I seen the preview/trailer to the movie, it looks really funny! he's played by Johnny Depp
    2. mld
      My Great GrandMother always told me,"You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar!".[/QUOTE]
      Depends on the type of fly and type of vinegar!
      I think fruit flies like vinegar! Sorry Greg, I couldn't resist, like your new Avatar by the way.
    3. mld
      Looked at your pictures and your Jungle carpet is beautiful.
    4. Medium
      I hear that, I don't know how many xbox games get old too. I haven't even turned it on in a long time. I tried to play with Molung (hope I spelled that right, close enough I guess.) but it still will not load up on the dial up. About the only game I would be half good at...LOL!
    5. Medium
      Looks like it would be a long time before I could get half as good as you in the arcade. LOL...trying to play on dial up is only half the wrist hurt after playing the frog game only 5 minutes. I am better with the controller for my xbox. Not so good at the computer games.
    6. Lucysfriend
    7. venus
      Oh yes, Im still around. Just been super busy. Got engaged, moved into a house and busy at work lol. Life, just cant seem to get away from it. Not to mention always at the softball field with my 3 future step daughters. I'm glad last weekend was the last game. Ugh, I dislike!! lol How have you been.
    8. Dragoness
      Of course I love antagonizing [stupid] people, especially when they start it. It's a bit of a pastime, and a way to pass a lazy day, and always good for a laugh at their expense when they try to get you ruffled.

      Great minds do think alike don't they?
    9. HerpCenter
      This account was set active so that we never missed HC's birthday. lol I figured I would add some friends to the account too. lol
    10. Og_
      I learned to love the night when I was about 14 years old staying with my grandparents out in the country in the middle of nowhere! It was so quite and you could see all the stars!
      Once you have experienced that sort of peace, There is no going back!
    11. Kendalle
      Hey, i am always up late/early. On weekends my schedule flip flops so i sleep all day and up at night.
    12. NudistApple
    13. Rich
      I see a 10 waiting for me, so the truce is over. Go after all of them because I have no choice but to take your scores now. lol
    14. Rich
      It appears you have decided to break the truce regarding the playing of my games. I feel I must now toss down the gauntlet and unleash my wrath on you I the arcade.....when I get some time later on!
    15. Rich
      LMAO! I hadn't played Prison Throw in a long time. I am back playing my pool games right now. lol
    16. Rich
      Holy cow, how long have you been in that arcade taking scores!?! lol
    17. Kendalle
      Yea, I have never seen the ocean. I live in iowa, the closest to the ocean is an 18 hour drive. and technically that's the golf of mexico but I would count it.

      I have however seen a very big lake, and flew over the ocean :P
    18. Dragoness
      My interview seemed to go good - at least I have a good feeling. I posted more about it in the careers in HCUnleashed.
    19. Rich
      LMAO! You posted as I sent my PM.
    20. Rich
      You needed this post. lol
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