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Feb 16, 2009
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England (From Australia).

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Elite Member, Male, from England (From Australia).

I was also going to say I`d missed you too, but thought better of it, I`m not that nice of a person as you well know.. Jan 28, 2015

    1. kriminaal
      Got the papers Stefan, thanks
      You're keeping me busy with all that in-depth
      take care
    2. kriminaal
      Haha, your message got deleted.
    3. ParkerSav
      Thanks for the acception I will really come to you for answers people say you are pretty good!!
    4. shwknight
      Stefan, delete some PM's so I can send you one
    5. wildheart
      Oh shucks, sorry if that sounded off! It was just a very hecktick morning. ;)
    6. wildheart
      I received your dvd yesterday and left it over night to upload on YouTube. It ate all my gigs and my offices could not work for 3 hours this morning. I had to compress it before trying again. It should be available today.
    7. TitoAndKatt
      Can you post a pic of your Avatar pic? I want to see it bigger so I can actually SEE it. haha How goes it?
    8. Flint
      Hey murrindindi!

      I've got a new project going, and was wondering if you'd mind taking a look and shedding some insight on the ackie enclosure portion? :D

      Particularly the lights, and supplement dosage. With night bulbs for 24/7 heat, full spectrum low heat tubes for uvb/a (on a day cycle), how often should I dust feeder insects?

      And one more thing, would that enclosure be adequate for 2 yellow ackies?

      Thank you so much! I've learned so much from scouring the monitor forums and reading your extremely helpful posts!
    9. wildheart
      Stefan you need to delete some messages in you inbox. I can't send anything because it is full.
    10. JohnF
      hi , the pots are on helo from cornwall on the intro forum
    11. Rich
    12. Rich
      Thank you for the donation. It is appreciated.
    13. Og_
      I was going to use shale or slate for the basking area. It didn't occur to me that I didn't need substrate underneath that. Your suggestion probably saved me 4 or 5 bags of topsoil at the hardware store! Thanks! :)
      I'm really just winging it right now! I haven't seen any published plans for an adult savannah monitor enclosure yet on the web. I'm trying to be patient and deliberate and take the time to think through every step, but one person can't think of everything on the first try. But I can't afford to spend $1000 and then have to build it all over again! Your inputs are greatly appreciated! I had planned on starting on it today (saturday A.M est) but I had to work a 6th day this week. That's actually good since your idea has sent me back to the drawing board yet again. LOL

      I have a thread in the Herp Habitat section about all this. Please post your comments there because there is a lot of other people who can benefit from your experience and input.
    14. wildheart
      Hi. I live on the boarder of Kruger National Park on the complete south end. I however have businesses in Johannesburg that I have to attend to, otherwise I will face bankruptcy:(, it is 4 hours drive from home.

      I have a boy iguana, 2 bearded dragons both male, 9 tarantulas and 2 California King Snakes. If you however meant with what animals do we have in SA, then the answer would be, almost everything you can imagine! ;)
    15. murrindindi
      Hi savannah, I`ll take some photos over the next few days, do you have photos of your present setup? My Monitors enclosure measures 10feet 6 inches by 5 ft, (H) and 4 ft. (W), but you cannot give Varanids too much space! ( He lets himself in and out by the way ! )
    16. murrindindi
      Hi Rich, I don`t usually go on forums, but this is great, and it`s good to see how many people are fascinated by these beautiful animals! Stefan
    17. savannahmon181
      Could you post a pic of your monitors cage please I have a little savannah and am looking for ideas on a cage for when he gets bigger.
    18. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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    England (From Australia).
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    Animals, Archery, target shooting (rifle)Drawing,Woodwork and carving, Travel.
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    Another V. s. macromaculatus female to replace the one I lost...
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