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Feb 16, 2009
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England (From Australia).

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Elite Member, Male, from England (From Australia).

I was also going to say I`d missed you too, but thought better of it, I`m not that nice of a person as you well know.. Jan 28, 2015

    1. murrindindi
      Good. that should help keep the temps and humidity stable, keep asking questions it`s the only way to learn! As a blonde you might need to ask more than the "average" number, (actually, in summer I can go quite blondish), but that`s our secret, I don`t want people thinking I`m dumb!
    2. Wish
      I covered the top with the plywood, I made it today. It seems to be working so far. Thanks for all the help. :)
    3. murrindindi
      You can try spraying the tank with luke warm water, that will raise it temporarily at least, is the screen top covered properly now?
    4. Wish
      well just wanted to tell you i got a digital hydrometer and temp gauge i left it in there for an hour and it says 46% humidity you were right so what can i do to get it up and keep it there
    5. murrindindi
      Hi Kat, it looks great, keep it up!!
    6. purplemuffin
      I know it's been AGES but... After a huge mess of computer viruses, class issues, and missing tablet wires.. Your comission is back on track and I've resumed super working on it. Building details on the face now! [IMG]
    7. murrindindi
      I know, but it`s soooo much fun, you should try it!!
    8. LovetheBaruu
      LOL!! Poor David~ YOU are a monster!! ;0
    9. murrindindi
      Hi, I was lucky with my salvator, he`d been in the petshop a couple of months, so he was used to having people glaring at him through glass, and for that reason he was very calm from the beginning.Just keep doing what you`re doing. Leave your hand in the enclosure, moving it closer to him if he isn`t too worried, then if poss.. very lightly touch him , maybe on his leg, or side of the body, once you can do that anywhere on him, he knows you aren`t a threat, I`m not talking months and months, just a few weeks, then try putting your hand under his stomach, no lifting, again, just so he knows it`s o.k. I would always have a little food to offer, (not a meal, just a snack) each time you interact with him. I wish you could have seen my video, to see just what these animals are capable of in terms of "tameness", not to say they will all turn out that way, they won`t, but because of their intelligence and responsiveness to gentle treatment, especially the single animal, you must at least try.
    10. wolf
      whats good bro? i been busy paintin' as always... been doin' what you said and he dosen't scurry away as much anymore when i walk in the room. i spray him down regularly, change his pool water and drinkin' water regularly, and been feedin' him (of coarse). i spend alot of time in the room, because its also my art room, and he dosen't seem as jumpy. hes grown a little. i talk to him al the time and he watches me thru the glass, but he hasn't been runnin' off to his pool everytime he sees me. i haven't done any handleing, per our agreement, and he seems as good as can be expected. so i'm still livin' the dream man... hows about you. whats good on your end?
    11. murrindindi
      I did the cage maintenance without any attemps to handle or touch him, it took over 3 months before he stopped trying to bite, tail-whip etc whenever I put my hand in the enclosure, over that time he started to realise I wasn`t a threat, so I would sit next to the tank and just watch him, maybe putting my hand close to the food dish, then touching him very lightly on his foot, tail, side of his body, everywhere I could, so that he wasn`t afraid wherever I touched him. Then more weeks of just doing that until I could put my hand under his body and leave it there for as long as poss.., in the end, the more interactions you have, the more relaxed they become, then, and ONLY then, frequent GENTLE handling, just as you would with ANY animal, especially inquisitive, inteligent and responsive animals like Varanids. As I`ve said from the beginning, it does NOT work with all monitors, and you cannot put a time limit on it. Patience is the only way.
    12. Uamenti09
      So what did you do as far as starting hands on taming. My friend has a sav monitor too its so tame already and its young. sits on his shoulder lets him hold it anyway he wants and rides even on the public buses with him, crazy!
    13. murrindindi
      Hi, he is 7 feet 4 and a half inches, and 20 kilos.
    14. agama3000
      your monitor is big and pretty, but big is he
    15. ShAn3
      hey man, hows ur collection going.
    16. josh94
      Hey thanks for sending me that venomdoc site I added Bryan on facebook and as well as all the info I got form his website his also going to let me give him an interview for my coursework ot school :D
    17. josh94
      Anyway i better be off now have an early night for school tommorow :)
      Talk later.
    18. daniel23
      hey i am the guy with the nile with the eye problem could i send the picture to the email, im pretty sure its the membrane
    19. murrindindi
      Hi Rich, I can hearv the commentaty perfectly, but nothing appears on the screen?
    20. Rich
      I saw you checking out the page Stephan, was it loading for you?
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