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Feb 16, 2009
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England (From Australia).

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Elite Member, Male, from England (From Australia).

I was also going to say I`d missed you too, but thought better of it, I`m not that nice of a person as you well know.. Jan 28, 2015

    1. AjaMichelle
      Their eyes returned to normal yesterday thank goodness! They were within 12" of the bulb, which as far as I know is the recommended distance. They were eating again last night and one of the females even laid an egg! :)
    2. Kylie
      I'm heeeere!! Geez Stefan, all I seem to do is follow you from forum to forum. One might say that I'm a stalker. But u'd just say I'm insane!! Lol
    3. AjaMichelle

      Remember the UVA/UVB anole thread where I brought up my mishaps with that Zilla UVB bulb? Well I hadn't thrown it out and the UVB bulb on my equestris tank wasn't functioning so I decided to give that Zilla fixture another chance. That was a mistake! Within a day the eyelids of all three equestris had become swollen and not one of the three lizards would open even one eye. They went off food! I am totally going to throw those bulbs out!
    4. murrindindi
      Hi David, it`s good to hear from you!! I wasn`t sure if you were still here, then I saw one of your repllies, I`m fine, I hope you and yours are too.
      I`ll no doubt be asking for some "action" pics from you in the very near future....
    5. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey!!! Welcome back! What, did you think you were just going to slip in quietly and NOT say hello? GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK, MY FRIEND!!!
    6. bighog85
      I will try to get some pictures but he is still in the very shy stage so I don't see him often. I will get some up at some point though.
    7. bighog85
      I have had him for a little under a year now but I don't think I have done any threads on him. I am usually answering questions on here rather than starting threads.
    8. bighog85
      Stefan!! Welcome back my friend!
    9. missabrat
      Welcome back my friend, you were missed!
    10. frilledlizard21
      Hey Murrindindi, to answer your question on the Frilled Lizard, I am feeding her crickets, meal worms, wax worm and a little bit of cat food but not to much. Feeding her crickets is really hard because I have to hand feed her because she is blind. I feed her a lot of Wax worms, one because they are easier to handle when putting them into her mouth and two because they have a lot of protein and thats what she needs. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me.
    11. josh94
    12. murrindindi
      Well, you can`t have too many scorpions, that`s what I say!! (But what do I know)??????
    13. josh94
      LOL! Ive decided to get another scorpion instead :) most probably hadrurus arizonensis as long as i can get one of them shops round here to get it in for me :P
    14. murrindindi
      You could keep it for breeding mice for when you get a monitor!
    15. josh94
      Yeah a tokay took my dads fingernail off when he used to keep them and yeah the size is the only problem haha im trying to gte a bigger one but my mums not budging haha. I think this tank may just be thrown away :P its too small for anything :P
    16. murrindindi
      Tokay`s are good, (not for handling) as they have a VERY strong bite (personal experience), although a 12 x 12 isn`t big enough for those, but there are other smaller species of Gecko you can get that woud fit. I used to keep a few Aussie species, but I haven`t had any in England.
    17. josh94
      You have any recomendations for a 12"X squared exo-terra tank?
    18. josh94
      LOL ! Im not sure I think ill only be able to get another scorpion but im trying for a tokay. I would like a tarantula but I know theres no hope of that happening :P
    19. murrindindi
      Which new animal might you get? Giraffes are quite nice, you need a high tank for them, but they look good when you walk down the street with them on a lead (hopeless at fetching sticks, though).... (I`ve tried, believe me I`ve tried).....
    20. josh94
      ooh yeah ill be staying in the u.k becaue my mum needs oygen bottles to breath. So yeah I may be able to actuall. I might be getting a new animal soon too. :)
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    England (From Australia).
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