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Jan 21, 2012
    1. purplemuffin
      No proof that it's ours, and she used an anonymous email. Our air conditioner repair guy also lost his iguana the same week. It was bizarre actually, I saw 7 craiglist posts about lost iguanas, and even more about people finding them! Hers was the only one I never got a picture of! Honestly I think she was just after money, who knows if she even had an iguana!
    2. purplemuffin
      Our shelters don't take in reptiles, they ignore them and just say to call animal control. I contacted a woman nearby who claimed she found an iguana who was severely injured(and around the same size as ours) and was begging for money and I mentioned it may be ours and got hurt outside and we would take him so she wouldn't need to pay vet bills. I just asked for a photo to see if it was ours or not and she exploded that I wouldn't give her money and how she found it and it was hers and..yeah.. O_O
    3. purplemuffin
      My boyfriend's family had a green iguana, sadly she escaped this last summer.. Something(or someone) broke the lock on her outdoor cage and it had gone unnoticed until she one day just bolted and was gone! Still looking, but with the month of 110+ degree heat, I'm not too hopeful :(... A bunch of people 'found' iguanas recently in my area, maybe she was picked up by someone?
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