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Mar 13, 2014
Aug 31, 2008
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Sep 11, 1955 (Age: 65)

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Mar 13, 2014
    1. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey Maya, still waiting for you to come back...
    2. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey Maya!
      Where have you been? I haven't talked to you in forever. Let me know what is going on with you and you great looking ball pythons.
    3. Chris1974
      Hi Maya! Yes...pythons are very beautiful!! I love them. Thanks for the add, and the compliment on my avitar! My son loves that movie!! lol
    4. kittykattucker
      he has never been like this, and has shed many times before. we have had him for 2 years now. remember, we said he had gotten caught in a plant inside his cage, and we had to get him out. I believe he though he was in the jaws of death
    5. David McConley
      David McConley
      I'm glad you are warming up to her. She is a beautiful girl and if I had room and could afford it I wouldn't mind having a spider myself.
    6. David McConley
      David McConley
      Thanks Maya, I appreciate the friendship. We North Carolinians need to stick together.
    7. legalcmf
      I can definitely relate to that...Oscar loves to just curl up in my top or my handbag; I even take him out in that bag lol. I'm also allergic to furry animals, although my children have a dog and a couple of others, they're kept well away from me. That snake of yours is a cutie...Oscar still needs to grow some more to reach the same size lol
    8. David McConley
      David McConley
      Sounds good to me, talk to you then.
    9. David McConley
      David McConley
      I will be very happy to help you if I get there in time, I try to get there just as the doors open so I can see all of the good stuff. If you like we can meet at the entrance and I can introduce you to my family(wife,son,father-in-law and mother-in-law). I'm am glad you like the burms they are not for everyone but I love them.
    10. David McConley
      David McConley
      Maya, I forgot to tell you- I have photos of my reptiles in the herp photos section of the forums. They are listed under McConley herp family members. Enjoy and you will see that my guys and gals are really just overgrown babies.
    11. Dragoness
      aww, goodnight to you too - I'm headed to bed here soon - company from out of town arriving tomorrow, so I gotta be up early. Yuck.
    12. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey Maya,
      Yes I do have them all in the house. And no I am by no means an expert on burmese. I am just a man with a passion for helping these beautiful snakes. My little one is amazing he loves the snakes as much as I do. I don't really worry about them much because I have padlocks on the 12 foot male's cage and there is no way for him to get out. Knock on wood, I have never had an escapee...yet. Still looking forward to meeting you at the Raleigh show next month.
    13. labelleninirose
      Maya, thank you so much for your support with my snake, she is going to be ok, it's slowly getting better :)
    14. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey Maya,
      The Raleigh show sounds great. I haven't been in about a year or so. I got two of my ball pythons from there when my son was only a couple of months old. They wer ejust $10.00 normals but they are super snakes.
      My reptiles are-- 3.3 Ball pythons,1.2 Corn snakes,1.2 Boa constrictors,1.1 Burmese pythons,1.0 Phillipine Mangrove snake,1.0 White-lipped python,1.0 Blood python and 1.0 Mali uromastyx.
      I have been married for 21 years and have a 2 year-old son who is going to be the next Crocodile Hunter LOL!
    15. Maya
      Tiberius Sempronius Gracchas says hello to Oscar. Yes isn't it lovely to able to cuddle a snake, completely hypoallergenic (since I have allergic asthma I can't have cats or dogs) and besides I only have to clean his poop once in ~10 days. Yes Tiberius is mellow and low maintenance, suits me fine. I will have to check out Oscar's pictures.
    16. legalcmf
      Is that Tiberius in your pic? He's got gorgeous colouring...looks like a sweetheart :D. I love my bp Oscar...he's a lazy lump but he's got his own little personality and spends hours kidnapping and sleeping in my handbag lol.
    17. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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    Sep 11, 1955 (Age: 65)
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    My life revolves around Tiberius.
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    Ball Morphs
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    Ball Python (boring?)