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Apr 25, 2017
    1. Frognut
      Yeah, yeah - that's what we all say. We're done with critters --- that's why I all but have a deposit to Nevin to hold a beautiful female gecko that should hopefully be able to co-habitate with Gretchen!!! :) I'm holding out on the drill, we should be getting new windows in the living room next week and then paint. Once that is complete - the living room will be ready, and then John will have to worry about the missing cabinet!
    2. Joy81
      A snoopy huh? Well maybe 2 tomato frogs might be better than one! LOL
    3. Joy81
      I got my new tomato frog, and he is soooo cute! My husband named him Barron, as in the red barron! he is sooo shy and he puffs up and acts all tuff if he feels scared. Thy took the internet away from us at work, so Im at the libary now. My posts will be a bit far between for a while. In june we are moving to a new town, and our house will be big enough to FINALLY buy a computer :)
    4. Shawn
    5. Merlin
      Oh the cake will be baked this afternoon,...Yes I can cook too!;)
    6. Frognut
      Well, that's a new one on me! Ok, then just tell your kids to specialize -- that's the only way to make any real money in medicine! (hehe)
      Besides, there is still hope - my son could tell you about every dinosaur that ever existed. His favorite was the pachycephalsaurus. And he wants to be a chef - go figure!
    7. Frognut
      Doctors - bah! Long hours, malpractice and insurance companies, YUK! There is never any shortage of bugs, and exterminators get to go home at night -- I don't know of any that get called in the middle of the night for an emergency ant infestation! :)
    8. Kazooguyz2
      Thank you. By the way, got the Flukers in today!!! I'll have it at the show in Feb!!
    9. Rich
      Candling an egg is just a matter of holding a high powered flashlight up to the egg. If you see red veins running through the egg, its viable. If you don't, wait a week and candle again.
    10. Joy81
      You jump out of planes? Holy Cow!!! I thin I'd wet my pants! Don't get me wrong, I love to fly, but I prefer to stay inside the plane :)
    11. wgnelson
      Yes, Mackey and I have twin boys, age 7! Connor and Bryce. Your avatar shows 3. Do you have triplets? We also have others. Cam at 15, Bily at 13, and Amanda at 12.
    12. belle
      Once you get one crested, you'll soon have many more. They're cute...easy to handle...and are extremely low maintenance. Why wait? Get one now!! ;) I could let you know who I like to order mine from...there's quite a few nice sources out there....
    13. Kazooguyz2
      Only the ones trough here. Feel free to email me direct
    14. Kazooguyz2
      Are you going to the Reptile Show on Sat? I have some extra cash and time so I'm thinking of going. Maybe we can meet up and say Hi. I'll probably be there about 10:30 or 11a and hanging around the forest frog guy's booth or anywhere there are tree frogs. Hope to see you there!! BTW My name is Chris
    15. Dragoness
      wow... chiropractors. I know many vets also do dental work too.

      we were pretty desperate with my sick boa, and burned up around $300 in vet bills before he died, and then we found out that he had a congenital birth defect. His lower GI did not work. He could eat and eat and eat, and wouldn't absorb or digest any of it, so he was getting horribly blocked up, and starving to death slowly since birth... had I known I would have had him euthanized. He only lived about 3 months.
    16. Dragoness
      yeah, I love my critters. when I had a sickly snake, we tried EVERYTHING to get him better - even acupuncture, as crazy as that sounds.
    17. Dragoness
      nonetheless, I'm considering a small parrot (Cockatiel or conure, but no bigger) for when I eventually have a house. I'd want the bird to have large cage outdoors, and a good sized one indoors so he would have plenty of space to move around, exercise, and get real sunlight and fresh air
    18. Frognut
      No, I have never heard one baruu - online or in person. Counter surf? Never heard that term before -- sounds like something my cats do! LOL
    19. Dragoness
      one of our birds at work. He's a real case, that one. A secondhand animal.
    20. Frognut
      The basenji is probably the only small dog I ever liked. I fell in love with them a number of years ago and did a good bit of research on them. We can't get any more dogs until the current two are no longer with us (they are rescued dogs with tons of issues and they both tend to influence any other dog we have brought into our house - and not positively!). If and when we get another dog, it will probably be big dog, but the basenji is on my list for someday. You don't see them very often, but they have a very distinctive look. June Bug really is a cutie!
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