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Jul 28, 2018
Dec 2, 2008
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Jul 28, 2018
    1. SweetDragonlady
      I'm doing ok. My daughter is engaged. I'm down to a pack every 3 days. Not as far as I'd like, but better than I was.
    2. Iggysmommie
      nope they werent here as of yesterday so I will check again today after I wake up. Just got home from work and its almost bed time.
    3. Iggysmommie
      I already sent mine and you received them? was that just a general message to us all?
    4. schlegelbagel
      hey, for the ATC group, i'm not actually a member, so i can't add my photos to the gallery there. ADD ME!
    5. schlegelbagel
      OK, PM me your addy. They'll go out tomorrow.
    6. schlegelbagel
      ****! I'll get right on that!
    7. Lucysfriend
      Okay cool thanks! :)
    8. Frognut
      you might have to... I haven't looked at the whole directions yet.... My schedule is starting to ease up, so you'll see my more often! After this upcoming weekend, I should be getting back to normal - except for the billion things that need to be cleaned due to my inability to do anything...... ACK
    9. Dragoness
      Wish I could. Fortunately, they accepted the bid I put in on my house - and Saturday is the only day we could get the Inspection.
    10. Dragoness
      I AM counting. It can't come soon enough. I'm already eyeballing the boxes at work, then I keep reminding myself "No, it's too soon". Everything about living in Florida has gone very sour for me, and I wanna go back home. As it is, I'm looking for a temporary retail job to get me through the winter till I move, so I can quit the zoo.
    11. Dragoness
      I'm moving in March! It's *almost* set in stone. I have 2 jobs lined up for myself, possibly housing as well (a house!). all we need is a job for Grey. I even have the herp transport issue worked out.
    12. Kazooguyz2
      Actually wasn't feeling the greatest, had a sore throat (no comments!!) So I worked til 10a then to the bank and home/rest. Going on vacation in Oct, gonna check out a few places to see how GAY they are and have some fun.
    13. Kazooguyz2
      Got an answer to your signature question: Swine Flu!!!!
    14. Joy81
      lol, I have been so busy, but I'm trying to get it together! The critter situation is ever changing it seems, there is 5 snakes 8 lizards, 2 degus, and 1 very tiny turtle.
    15. Joy81
      Hello! Are you enjoying the summer where you are? Its beautiful in Montana and we have been fishing and camping alot. I caught a 4ft Bull Snake the other day! He was sunning on the road, so I moved him after we took pics!
    16. venus
      Then we should get along just fine, lol. Im a lil nutty to!!
    17. wildheart
      THANK YOU! I absolutely adore the chain, it is REALLY special and you just knew an elephant will be the perfect choice! The bottle with the honey is awesome and will be displayed in my kitchen - (I definitely will not have the heart to use it.) The kids paintings are so special and I am going to use it as bookmarks in my field books. Love the babies there by you as well!
    18. titus
      I'm doing well. How are you? Is your golden gecko still doing OK?
    19. kriminaal
      Rofl, no doubt
    20. wildheart
      Where are you? Your package is sitting on my table without an address! Hurry-Hurry.
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