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May 5, 2009
    1. Maya
      I forget to check my messages. LOL would love to take him in my handbag, maybe when it gets warmer. Although I would be paranoid about losing him. Tiberius Sempronius Gracchas says hello to Oscar. Yes isn't it lovely to able to cuddle a snake, completely hypoallergenic (since I have allergic asthma I can't have cats or dogs) and besides I only have to clean his poop once in ~10 days. Yes Tiberius is mellow and low maintenance, suits me fine. I will have to check out Oscar's pictures.
    2. Dragoness
      That isn't necessary, I was just curious. Maybe you had some secret to share with the hognose owners out there who are struggling with their snakes. ;) I guess the secret was luck of the draw.:)
    3. LovetheBaruu
      Thanks! We love them! We get the occasional hognose in the yard- they are quite the actors eh?
    4. Dragoness
      wow, you're lucky. So many people have problems with those little guys eating, because their natural prey is frog and lizards, so they go through all these problems trying to scent the mice, and a big headache in general. I hope yours stays good for you. I keep considering a hognose, but I'm not sure I want the potential problem. My BP's winter fasting makes me crazy enough as is, I don't need any more problematic eaters! lol. Those hognose are really cute though.
    5. Dragoness
      good to hear. how long have you had him?
    6. legalcmf
      He's eating baby mice and I've not had a problem so far. The only difference with him, is that he doesn't strike and constrict, he hunts it down as we move it around the box with tweezers. If you dangle it right in his face he'll hiss, but so far, no problems at all. He's due to go into a shed now though, so I don't doubt it'll change :D
    7. Dragoness
      What is your hognose eating? and is he an established eater? I hear a lot of people have some difficulty with the feeding of their hognose snakes.
    8. kenman1963
      Welcome to HC
    9. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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