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Dec 5, 2008
Jul 3, 2008
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Dec 5, 2008
    1. Coreye42
      Another beautiful picture of you; somebody's a lucky guy!
    2. Tas38
      Drab colors or not they are such sweet hearts. I can't wait til September big reptile expo in Mississuaga. I am thinking I'd like to get another corn snake and a Orange dragon.
    3. Tas38
      I just checked out your album. Your Beardies are so nice. Crush is a plain ol' petstore dragon but is showing some nice colors anyways.If I ever get him a girlfriend I will go with Super Orange.
    4. Ashuresque
      Haha mom almost let me get a corn snake once upon a time. She likes reasonably sized snakes, but balked when she realized that would mean frozen mice, which grossed her out. Hognoses are her favorite, but since they are native snakes and may be protected around here... I don't think you're supposed to own them.
    5. Ashuresque
      That's what I'm thinking happened to me, I got it in a little kit because of costs. Oh, the life of a thrifty highschooler... But it looks like I'm going to end up replacing with digital now. I've always wanted a uro. I e-mailed a picture of one with a caresheet to my mom today, and got this reply- "why are you showing me this smooshed nose lizard?"
    6. Ashuresque
      I had read that for beardies the humidity is supposed to be around 30%... if so, my levels are pretty alarming. I do have a hydrometer, but it's pretty cheap. I've often wondered if it's somehow broken, because I've got a basking spot (on the hydrometer's side, of all things), slate on the bottom, no plants, only a small water dish, and a mesh lid! You'd think all of those would equal low humidity
    7. biakbuddy
      I love him. When I first got him he kinda scared me because he would hiss and tailwhip a lot. I guess because he was already a foot long when I got him and was kept in bad conditions. But when I realized he was all bark (or hiss) and no bite I learned real quick how to handle him. Now he is getting easier and easier to handle every day
    8. graduationxday
      awh what cuties!
      i can't wait until i get my beardie. x]]
    9. Ashuresque
      I read that you have killer humidity where you're at- Virginia can get bad, but not quite that bad. Even so, the house gets pretty humid, too. Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping tank humidity down, especially for a beardie? Everybody has ways of getting it up, but that's the last thing I need..
    10. schlegelbagel
      I work about an 8 minute walk from Towson Prominade. I know right where those are!
    11. schlegelbagel
      We are often close to you with the temps. Its not rare for us to have a few weeks straight in the mid to upper 90s in July, as well as sometimes a string of 100+ days. We have the humidity too. I'm not sure I would call Baltimore summers "mild"

      We just get a lot colder than you in the winters.
    12. schlegelbagel
      Right now i just have a 40 watt light bulb sitting on top of the enclosure. That brings the temp up to 82 during the day, and the house is set at 77 for the AC, so that's what he gets down to at night. The light is right over the water dish, so he is nice and toasty.

      I'm going to have to figure out what to do in the winter though. Our house is so **** cold. Can't afford to set the heat at 69 like I would like. Last winter I had to wrap all the frogs tops in insulation. I'll probably have to do the same for him.

      Eventually I want to get a 40 gallon breeder for him, and get him a really big water dish.
    13. graduationxday
      she's gorgeous!
      i love the yellow colorsss. :]]
    14. schlegelbagel
      Hey, Your Pyxie frog would appreciate a bigger water dish. He needs to be able to submerge 95%. Try a large glass baking dish. :)
    15. venus
      Works for me. Saturday I will be at the Astros game, lol
    16. venus
      Yup, I know where the Gardens Place is, I go to Slick Willies often, lol
    17. venus
      Right now they are in my sisters trunk, lol. But, I will get them from her this week and maybe we can meet up Saturday before 3 or Sunday. Heres my number 281-703-9939. I live in West Memorial subdivision right behind Landrys, lol.
    18. JIQRP
    19. graduationxday
      Sounds prettyyy. Do you have pictures?

      And, I know I won't. lol. The only thing about it, he's not tamed yet.
      His current owner has had him for four years and never handles him.
      I think I can get him docile though. :]]
    20. graduationxday
      I haven't gotten him yet.
      I'm going to though, most deff. x]

      I'm gonna build and set up his cage and everything first though, so he doesn't have to go through new habitat stress twice.
      I'll definately let you know how it all goess :]

      Is your's a high color morph?
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