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Mar 14, 2018
Apr 4, 2004
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Jun 10, 1971 (Age: 46)

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Mar 14, 2018
    1. LovinMonitors4
      Yes I'm located in San Diego.. People have been telling me that its been hard to get ackies but im very interested in the reds and really want a trio.. do you know of anyone that is in the US that can help me out..

      Thanks for your time
    2. LovinMonitors4
      hey bud,

      my names mark and i was very interested in getting some ackies mid 2010. i was reffered to you by someone on herp center.. i was wondering if you would have any available or know any respected breeders.. thank you very much..
    3. LovetheBaruu
      What do you charge for babysitting? I have 3 boys that are a cake walk compared to the rest of the boys you babysit!
    4. Rich
      If you can't view it via the link I sent (Stephan can't), I will have a working link available in a day or 2. ;)
    5. wgnelson
      How are the restrictions imposed on your own personnal PC, and how about ordering the show through someone here in the States? (specifically, the PBS show on lizard intelligence)
    6. Rich
      Thanks for the daontion Mike, it is appreciated as always man!
      Hi Mike,
      I read your message about "Cricket Breeder Video" of large scale breeder that can be found at bot of the page. But I can't find it. Could you please tell me where I can find the video. I need more info about professional breeding cricket. Thanks a lot man.

      Warm regards,
    8. agama3000
      hmmm,yeah your name is a different color
    9. agama3000
      if you go down at the bottom after clicking on the "forums" button you should see a "View Forum Leaders" button and it shows you as a super moderator
    10. agama3000
      I got you because you where the only name with super moderator ubove it
    11. agama3000
      what is the difference in a super moderator and the moderator
    12. venus
      No, this year I will be 39.95, LOL
    13. Gracelikerain18
      Yes, thanks, I have already been informed. haha. I wasn't really trying to bring up religion, but more so the idea of the spurs actually having been legs. But, I understand what y'all are saying, and no offense has been taken!
    14. katie41586
      thanks a lot! I slaved over that thing, but there is something incredibly gratifying about providing a good home for them all by myself :)
    15. venus
      I deleted them to start fresh, lol
    16. caudalis_sa
      haha thanks mate. Was funny to see it....had no idea any body had that pic lol
    17. nicole
      The trick is to NOT DIE at all, lol.
    18. nicole
      it is also one of the few games that keeps my interest. Probably because it is so fast paced. I stopped playing the really slow, horribly boring ones, lol. But, please give me a challenge in that one. You and Og should try to take it, Good Luck, lol.
    19. Og_
      Well, It's good that she rules at least on one game! haha
      She gets her score using the "Score Multiplier" which is the purple thingy.It takes a lot less time to build a good score if you can keep it.
    20. nicole
      Pretty much the same amount of time it took you to get your score. Look at the side of the scores and it will tell you the time it took me, lol. I totally rule that game, lmao.
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    Jun 10, 1971 (Age: 46)
    My Interests:
    Next to herping I enjoy building herp enclosures.
    Fan of basketball, enjoy a little golf.
    Really like taking it easy in the camper. Nothing but a beer and a cigar by the campfire.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Varanus Glauertis
    Favorite Reptile:
    monitors, uromastyx