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Sep 5, 2011
Feb 28, 2007
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Sep 5, 2011
    1. Jaxnhi
      Hi , Thanks for your there something I can do to get him used to it?....he has plenty of water and food, heat lamps, height to climb...what more could I do?
    2. mamma
      hey how are you just thought i would say hi
    3. Og_
      Hey! What are you doin up so late? Or is it early? lol I've been up all night doing spring cleaning! I should take a picture and send it to better homes and gardens!lol
      I haven't had a job since october so my daily schedule is all upside down!
    4. IguanaMom
      Hi Kendalle,
      I just looked at your profile, of course after I postesd a reply to your reply on stuff in Cali. Thanks again I appreciate it.

      You seem to be on the ball with Ig stuff thats really nice to hear! How old is Kermit? She is really pretty, she looks like a little Angel is that true? And her color is great.
      Well again Tks for the info hopefully I'll find something.

      Nat & LaLa
    5. Rich
      Thank you dear, it has been removed.
    6. G8ERMAN
      Hay whats been going on? I haven't been on in a while. I love the changes that have been made to the site.
    7. Og_
      You've never seen the ocean? You must live in the middle of the country.
    8. juniorsmama
      your great thank you
    9. juniorsmama
      hey this is very important I am going to go to sleep now...junor is in a tank...only for the night. he has a 60 watt light bulb only!! should I leave it on for him or turn it off?
    10. juniorsmama
      thanks a lot kendalle and I am so happy with my ig. I'm just worried you know the petshop messed me up real bad and now I'm trying to figure out how to keep him safe you know but atleast he is eating and moving alot he tends to sit on the wood a lot I guess since it is closer to the light bulb.which also sucks because its only 60 watts ..oh yeah do you know if I should purchase a uvb light I mean he is out all day almost since he has a enclosure that sits outside in the sun? it might be bad for him to be over exposed to light maybe?
    11. juniorsmama
      hi I'm a new green iguana mommy lol I just got junior about 5 hours ago... he eats a lot...I'm not sure if it is ok for him but I left the food in his cage and he it's a little walks then comes back and eats some more...he is a baby iguan and I would like some tips and info on why he is so scared and what I should do to ease his nerves...ive left him alone for a bi to see if it makes him a little less love jani
    12. Lucysfriend
      omgosh those Messi videos are super duper cute! LOL
    13. Rich
      Thanks dear, he has been removed.
    14. Og_
      Stupid question!
    15. agama3000
    16. Og_
      I keep finding myself clicking on your profile from time to time just to look at those amazing eyes!
    17. kittykattucker
      can you please take a look at the post I just put up?
    18. Rich
      Thanks for the report dear. I went ahead and banned the punk.
    19. LovetheBaruu
      We have a "lake" in our backyard, the sound of the spring peepers causes hearing impairment! We also have little frogs that show up for 3 or 4 weeks in the summer (I've always assumed tree frogs), we call them boogers (hey! that's what they look like). I caught 30 in about 15 min. then released them, once the boys got a look. Sorry you are missing the very things that too many people can't even appreciate!
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